Savory spices: cloves

Savory spices: cloves
 Clove - dried, yet unblown flower buds of the clove tree. The buds on the trees have pink or yellow color after drying become brown. Clove has a strong aroma and pungent taste. Carnation is quite popular, it is used to treat certain diseases and directly in cooking. It is added to the preparation of many dishes, including pickles.

For a delicious meal is most often used clove bud, it has a strong flavor. But petiole has a pungent and spicy taste. Clove also has antibacterial properties, so it is used for the preparation of homemade sausages and corned beef. Cloves seasoned soups from different types of meat and poultry. In sweet dishes add cloves and cinnamon together, it gives the dish a spicy flavor.

The main part is aromatic clove essential oil, which contains the substance as eugenol. It is he who gives you the flavor that comes from cloves.

Cloves has long been used as an antiseptic for the treatment of upper respiratory tract and removing the toothache. Also, a decoction of cloves treated some eye diseases.

Cloves are used in general form, as to grind cloves quickly loses its flavor and aroma. In this case, use this spice to be very careful, because in the heat treatment cloves lose their flavor and pungency, on the contrary, will only intensify. Use of cloves in a home cookery and confectionery industry should be very, very carefully.

Besides cooking, cloves are used in perfumery and cosmetics, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries. On the basis of cloves make sprays and creams for repelling mosquitoes. It strengthens the liver, stomach, memory and blood circulation.

Carnation perfectly complements dishes from beef, hare, ham, salmon, pate, marinade for fish, and even bread. It is worth remembering that the spice you need to lay at different times. In minced meat, pastry, pickles and other meat dishes, add cloves need for 10-15 minutes until tender. In soups, broths and compotes - 5 minutes until tender.

To determine the good quality cloves, it must be strong enough to throw in a container of water. Spice of good quality should be drowned in a pinch - swim caps up vertically. If carnation floating horizontally, it is a sign of poor quality, which says that the essential oil is almost evaporated. And the benefits of such spices will not.

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