Pantyhose and stockings: helpful or harmful?

Pantyhose and stockings: helpful or harmful?
 Pantyhose and stockings - once a rarity, and the inheritance of these fashionistas in the money, and now - the joy that is available to every woman. So whether it is harmless as it seems, and what threatens wearing thin synthetic products their owner?

In those days, when the tights and stockings could afford only very wealthy lady, and the material of hosiery poor, among ordinary obyvatelnits were cases "drawing" of arrows on his feet, imitating arrow stockings and pantyhose. Now it seems ridiculous, and then walk around with bare feet was considered indecent, and this method is partially allowed delicate situation.

Men admire beautiful female legs covered with lace stockings and tights, women and happy to try. Oh, these tights stockings - colored, thick and thin, delicate and austere, with color prints or plain! The variety of hosiery stores giddy women of fashion, forcing to shell out a fortune.

Stockings and socks - thin synthetic products that tight-fitting legs and give them a provocative or seductive look, as it wants the winner of the legs.

Modern hosiery from nylon and spandex - it's a good weaving, the opportunity to create the effect of sunburn, it's an incredible number of colors and even tightening effect.

Tightening effect tights and stockings - a real miracle, which has already appreciated by many of the fair sex. Well then you can think of woolen tights, because the legs so deliciously beautiful. These tights and stockings to properly allocate the volume and fullness of the legs, giving them harmony. They help against varicose veins and improve the shape visually.

However, apart from the merits, in tights and stockings have significant drawbacks. Skin does not breathe in artificial materials, which is particularly felt in the warm period. Many noticed that in the summer in tight shoes feet start to sweat and an unpleasant smell - it is connected with wearing synthetics.

Another danger faced fashionista already in stockings - hypothermia female reproductive organs. Stockings that end at mid-thigh, regardless of thickness, will not save from the wind blows out under skirts and dresses, and pay for beauty can be a very high price.

Of course, all women wear pantyhose and stockings, because it is fast, convenient and beautiful. The main thing - do not forget about health and take care of yourself, and the rest depends on the imagination and possibilities.

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