Olive oil for beauty and health

Olive oil for beauty and health
 According to ancient legend, the olive tree, wrought Athena in a dispute with Poseidon, is still considered a symbol of winners and is a source of health, youth and beauty.
 Virgin olive oil - this is one of the most precious treasure of nature. First olives (olives) grown only in Asia Minor and Egypt, but gradually they began to cultivate the western lands thanks to the Phoenician merchants who brought olives to the land of Spain and Greece. Later olive spread throughout Italy.

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates used olive oil to treat completely different diseases and disorders, from nervous breakdowns to injuries and even dislocations. Surrounded by legends, and most importantly, having a real confirmation of its beneficial effects on the human body, it has always been a symbol of longevity and health. Pliny wrote that there are two liquids that are very useful for the human body. This natural wine that is drunk, and olive oil, which anoint the body. According to him, most can be waived with wine than from oil.

Visual appeal comes from within. If the body is healthy and all systems are functioning smoothly, then the skin and hair, and complexion always pleases. This is largely affected by food.

Olive oil nourishes the body with vitamins, natural antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals and protect cells from premature aging. This wonderful product contains exceptionally good cholesterol.

When it is consumed regularly appears strong immunity to heart disease and cancer. "Molten Gold" prevents the development of diabetes of the second type. It should be noted that the inhabitants of the Mediterranean has the lowest figure for cardiac disorders. This is explained by the presence in the diet of lots of fruits, vegetables, olives, black olives and olive oil.

When using olive oil for massage and other treatments in skin care you will feel after a week that it has become softer and more elastic.

Olive oil has worked very well in hair care. Recipe hair mask, which includes this ingredient, returns shine and natural beauty, get rid of dry ends and dandruff.

For dry and brittle hair, mix a quarter cup of warm oil and half a cup of honey. For oily or normal hair need to reduce the amount of oil 1-2 tablespoons. Apply the mixture on your hair, so she did not have time to cool down, put on his head a cap or wrap it in cotton towel for 30 minutes. Then rinse your hair. If you do not have honey, you can use only the oil.

With constant use of olive oil, you quickly realize that it is - a really great tool that allows you to feel healthy and beautiful man.

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