Hygienic means hot summers

Hygienic means hot summers
 During the bleak winter terribly want to see a glimpse of the warm summer sun. And then it takes several months, and the summer comes into its own legal rights. In hot weather a feeling of freshness disappears somewhere, bacteria "successful" breed. We have to strictly observe the rules of hygiene.

Go out without wet sanitary napkins in the heat is not possible. Constantly think that your hands, face, neck, wet and sticky. Discomfort is haunted. Skin and hair require special care in summer. Hair quickly become dirty, wash them come every morning. The sebaceous glands start working more actively, a person acquires "shine", clogged pores, which often have to scrub clean.

 Monthly every girl is going through "critical days", in summer they bring much discomfort. It is necessary to find a suitable hygienic means which will bring less discomfort and will not be detrimental to health.

 Do not forget that the gasket noticeable under clothing than tampons, and can "leak" and smell bad. When choosing gaskets need to pay attention to the surface, the top layer of cotton in the hot season will provide comfortable use by a tight contact to the skin, better air circulation. The thinner the gasket, the greater the certainty that it is not visible under clothing.

 Tampons comfortable so that they can not move and wrinkling, do not peek out from under the clothes. But do not approach girls who suffer from thrush or other diseases, because they create a more favorable environment for bacteria to grow. Not everyone is able to properly use tampons, because of what they may have discomfort. In such cases it is better to buy tampons with applicators. When properly administered swab is not felt. Tampons - better protection against leakage, even on the first day of menstruation.

Thin panty liners - a need which allows to preserve the freshness. They protect the linen from the discharge and odor.

In the summer during the "critical days" should be more likely to change hygiene to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs.

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