How to wean a child from her nipples and bottles

How to wean a child from her nipples and bottles
 For infant sostatelny reflex - a major, so many children find it difficult to give up the bottle of kefir or pacifier at night, and some children will not part with them even in the daytime. You can let things drift, and then the child he refuses to expensive items at 2-3 years, or try to wean the child from bottles and teats.

Do I need to wean?

The need to abandon the bottle or pacifier every family defines itself. On the one hand, to reassure the child easily with a pacifier, bottle and can in some way to replace him at night my mother. On the other hand, children of weaning from the habit of sucking harder and longer sleep before starting to talk, they rarely have problems with bite.

Nutritive sucking at birth may confuse the child and lead to the rejection of the breast, since the principle of capturing the nipple and breast is different.

If the child is very difficult to cure, he does not want to give up precious nipples - leave him alone, after a while he prepares to excommunication. Understand that the child is ready, you can on several grounds: he begins to treat a bottle or pacifier indifference can throw it or spit out, forced to wash before use, gives toys or other children, sometimes forgets about it before going to bed.

The methods of weaning from bottles and teats

First of all, try to remove the bottle and pacifier during the day, during waking hours. Teach your child to drink from a cup. If you drink from a cup does not want to try to interest - drink from cups puppet, through a straw. You can try to pour in a cup of sweet tea, and into the bottle - not sweet. Be sure to remove the bottle and pacifier away from the eyes of a child to remember them as little as possible. Well, if there are other children that avoids bottles.

Gradually reduce the time sucking. If you see that the child is already asleep - pull the pacifier out of his mouth. Waking up at night baby first try to put to sleep without a pacifier or bottle. Intriguing game in the afternoon, the baby had not thought about his "friend." "Forget" to take a pacifier for a walk or a visit. Do not let her on demand, try to distract him.

Do not need to hurt the child's mind sharp refusal, if he is not ready yet. Suck up to the school still will not, sooner or later (and probably in 2-3 years) the child himself refuses nipples.

If you feel that your child is ready to abandon the nipples, to take the plunge. Remove it completely and tell the tale of how the hare carried the bottle to feed the hare. Prepare in advance for details and "spoke" of the baby - as hare cried without a bottle, like other animals tried to help, etc. It is best to actually throw out not to be tempted to make the biggest mistake - to surrender and give the bottle back. Once you do this, the child will understand what was going on, and this method will not work more.

You can buy a bottle or pacifier for a pacifier with a short (or 0+ 6+) tip. Children 2-3 years sucking her very uncomfortable, so they quickly abandon it. Either wait dummy or pacifier will progryzennymi and mourn together with the child, "Yes, now the nipple deteriorated, tea is poured, you have to sleep well without it."

An interesting way to get rid of baby pacifiers adult: nail it to the door jamb. On the one hand, you can always come suck, and on the other to stand at the door long bored and quickly wean the child from her.

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