How to distinguish from a mole wart

How to distinguish from a mole wart
 Birthmark birthmark, nevus - often referred to as skin formation that accompanies man from birth to death. Some of them appear, some disappear, some grow to a large size, change color and shape.  
 This, of course, does not mean any disease. However, you should treat your birthmarks seriously. Particularly if they are located in places that are constantly exposed to physical impact or UV radiation. Simply put, moles do not need to hurt and to stand in the sun.

Birthmarks are color painting - from pink and red to deep brown and black. Nevi are flat and convex. If they do not annoy you, then you will live peacefully and happily with them all my life. But if they are located in the wrong place, suddenly increased in size or change the color, an urgent need to consult a doctor.

Today, there are various methods of removing nevi. Get rid of them by laser, electrical, chemical, and using cryogenic technology. Such operations are practically not leave scars. To carry out the removal should be exclusively on the advice of a doctor at the clinic.

There is also another kind of unpleasant skin formations - warts. This small nodules in the skin having the same color as the surrounding skin. They may have a size from several millimeters to several centimeters. Usually localized warts on the hands, fingers, soles of the feet.

Warts can merge with each other, forming a whole plaque. Warts do not cause pain. And sometimes, if they are aesthetically and physically do not interfere with them and live life. But more warts occur in inconvenient places, on the hands, soles of the feet, and people get rid of them, consult a dermatologist, or folk remedies. In the fight against warts help the juice of celandine or dandelion, onion, garlic, rowan berries.

However, there is another kind of warts, these are not innocuous, as simple and flat. This genital warts or warts. They are viral infectious disease and is transmitted from person to person. Warts look like warts large soft pink color and are located near the genitals.

Genital warts are a sign of the presence of human papilloma viruses in the body and can lead to cancer. Pappilloma-human virus is embedded in its DNA, so to determine its presence in the body can only be a special blood test.

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