How to detect spikes

How to detect spikes
 Adhesions pelvic organs - are manifestations of internal diseases affecting the onset of pregnancy and contribute to the development of sterility. Therefore it is very important time to diagnose them and begin treatment.  
 Adhesions may affect the ovaries, fallopian tubes and prevent the ingress of the egg to the uterus. In this case, the process can take place virtually painless, not expressing itself.

Adhesions in the bowel loops are even more dangerous because it leads to obstruction. In this case, can be felt pain in the abdomen, in the acute forms of fever. By adhesive disease symptoms similar to various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including inflammation of the appendix, however self unacceptable here.

The specialist can detect spikes even during a pelvic exam. In this case, the pelvic organs is not too mobile, and inspection can be painful. Helps in the diagnosis of ultrasound, but the results can not always be trusted one hundred percent. Most often, studies are assigned to the complex, from the study of a smear of vaginal flora and ending MRI pelvis. Also pass tests for the presence of urogenital infections, as they often lead to adhesions.

The most productive research - a laparoscopy. In this case, through a small incision in the abdomen is entered into a special medical device, whereby on the screen it is possible to see the status of the internal organs. Seam after laparoscopy is very small, but more reliable way to diagnose adhesions simply does not exist.

Treatment of adhesions is assigned depending on the severity of the disease. Adhesions can be removed surgically, when the disease is in its infancy, using physical therapy and massage. There are also folk remedies, based on the use of herbs.

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