How to beat the excitement

How to beat the excitement
 Chop - what could be more natural before the exam, during an important meeting, during the interview, in other critical situations? But if a person worries too much, it can hurt him. How to learn to stay calm?
 To cope with anxiety, you should be able to relax, to form a positive life attitude and use special breathing techniques. Applying these methods in the complex, you will definitely be able to overcome undue awe.


Very well promote relaxation sorts of meditation techniques or banal auditory training. Buy more disks with a calm, pleasant music, sit out alone and begin to pronounce phrases like "I am completely calm (en)" or other formulas of self-hypnosis. At this time, you can imagine if you are near the sea or on the beautiful forest clearing. Gentle sun is shining, the breeze caresses your skin nice. Imagine the excitement goes away, you become a steady and calm, in control of their feelings. Apply such practices should not only immediately before you exciting event, but every day.

Positive attitude

It's no secret that most worries the one who is constantly in his mind negative scenarios, think about the bad. Stop, do not you, you can "draw" in my life something undesirable. In addition, the reflection of the impending failure leads to unnecessary and premature unrest. Try to believe in themselves and in their abilities. Tune in for success, tell yourself that everything will turn out. Imagine that the desired good event has already occurred. Then the chances of success will increase, and the alarm will go away gradually.

Breathing practices

Proper breathing - a good assistant in dealing with stress. Try the technique of alternating nostrils. So, sit comfortably to the back was straight, a few deep breaths and exhale. Now you are ready. Cover your left nostril and breathe right, exhale left. Then inhale one nostril through which just exhale and breathe out the other. So it is necessary to do 10-15 minutes. At the same time visualize that breathes tranquility and excitement, on the contrary, the air comes out.

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