Green Tea: benefit or harm

Green Tea: benefit or harm
 Green tea - flavored drink with a delicate taste. First of all, he is known for a harmonious combination of essential substances, thus eliminating fatigue and increases the tone of the body. Its usefulness has been said a lot, but is there any harm from the use of this drink?

Green tea contains a large amount of trace elements and vitamins. With regular use it improves the immune system, regulates physiological processes and beneficial organism as a whole.

This flavored drink promotes longevity. And thanks to the high content of caffeine, green tea has beneficial effects on blood vessels and internal organs, improves oxygen metabolism and keeps muscles toned. Thanks to the useful properties of this tea doctors strongly recommend taking it regularly in areas with unfavorable ecological situation.

Especially green tea is useful for older people and people of middle age. Calcium contained in the drink, strengthens bones. Drink normalizes the thyroid gland and prevents weight gain. Children just as useful to drink it, because it can prevent the development of caries and blurred vision.

It is necessary to note the presence of antioxidants in the form of tea. And, importantly, this beverage reduces the risk of cancer and a good preservative.

With regard to the harm beverage, the scientific way it has not been proven. However, there are certain contraindications to its use. For example, green tea should not be taken to people with low blood pressure, and pregnant women.

If overused green tea may occur "side effects". These are melancholy, worsening of mood, heart rhythm disturbances. This drink affects the nervous system, it can be addictive. But green tea with milk in general can not be considered useful for the body - it forms a specific chemical substance.

Also green tea may trigger the development of insomnia, irritability appearance and even cause exacerbation of chronic diseases. However, if you eat drink in moderation, no more than two cups a day, it does not harm the body cause.

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