"Sexy" meal

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 Everything that we eat affects our health, including sexual. A healthy sex life is impossible without compliance with daily healthy diet. After all, sex requires a lot of energy, so the main task - to eat properly, to be full of energy and enjoy good sex at any age.

To feel in bed at 100 percent, you need to include in your diet certain foods.

Above all are products with a high protein content, which include meat, eggs, fish and milk. Proteins - is a powerful stimulant of sexual energy, they are the building blocks for any cell of the body, and sex as well.

A lot of protein and vitamin E contain nuts, the most valuable - pine, pistachio and almonds.

Honey - a powerful bio-stimulator of any energy, it contains many vitamins and minerals.

Sweet dark chocolate is very useful, in which the highest cocoa content. This type of chocolate helps the development of dopamine, which increases sexual pleasure.

Artichokes have a warming effect on the body, artichokes stuffed with marinated shrimp - a classic love a dish that gives an unforgettable experience.

Asparagus - a time-tested remedy for prostate problems. Asparagus contains asparagine, stimulates the ureter, as well as vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium and potassium.

Avocado - highly nourishing fruit, rich in protein, potassium and essential fatty acids. Stimulating effect avocado known since ancient times.

Bananas are rich in potassium and natural sugars. One of the exciting dishes from bananas: mix them with curry and walnuts. This dish excites sexual appetite for the whole day.

Bee pollen is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, it is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs.

Sturgeon caviar is considered the main "love" food, it is rich in protein and has a stimulating effect on the genitals.

Coconut and dates increase the amount of sperm and purify the blood.

Eggs for centuries used as a sexual stimulant. Eggs, mixed with milk, honey, cream, vanilla and nutmeg - is "effective" dessert.

Kelp, seaweed common, highly nourishing and it contains almost all the necessary material. Daily consumption of kelp will permanently keep in shape.

Olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids, it flushes the bile ducts and fills force genitals.

Oysters are a well-deserved reputation. High zinc content makes them useful sexually for men and women.

Sesame seed contains large amounts of vitamin E, it is advised to mix with honey to increase sexual activity.

Truffles are the best of the exciting food, they are more effective than the caviar and oysters. But it is very rare and capricious product, and therefore very expensive.

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