Female hormones - the threat of a beautiful smile?

Female hormones - the threat of a beautiful smile?
 The results of research the causes of various diseases and conditions that threaten the health of teeth, have been disappointing - it turned out that the female hormone estrogen has an adverse impact on the oral cavity.
 Another disappointing result Research - women are more likely to suffer from diseases of the teeth due to the fact that their salivary glands are slower, has less saliva. It has long been observed that pregnancy and breastfeeding have a negative impact on the state of women's teeth - they used to say "one lost a tooth for every child." Often women awaiting the birth of a child diagnosed so-called "pregnancy gingivitis", which is manifested in inflammation of the gum tissue. It turned out that this is a natural process - hormonal changes in the body leads to a decrease in the protective functions, causing blood flow to the gums, which may violate the integrity of tissues and increases the risk of infection in the tooth cavity.

But if the problems associated with pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding familiar to many, is that every month the teeth under strain, very few people know. At different days of the menstrual cycle, estrogen levels will be different, and during menstruation index reaches its maximum - these days is likely to occur bleeding gums, manifestations of stomatitis (sores on the small oral mucosa), swelling of the salivary glands and so forth.

Puberty also dates back to the instability of hormonal background, so often the first dental problems begin in teenage girls at this time.

Regulate hormonal surges, in order to reduce the risk of unpleasant symptoms, it is impossible - is a natural process that can not to anything to adjust. But to take measures to keep a beautiful and healthy smile, it is possible. All periods of hormonal activity does not begin suddenly, so you can prepare in advance - purchase medical toothpaste, rinse solutions with special disinfectant action and use them in a period of change in the body. Also at the time, it should refuse to accept the carbohydrate food, especially sweets and starches. Regular inspection dentist will monitor the status of the oral cavity and in time to prevent the development of caries and other diseases. Do not pull a campaign to the doctor if you notice swelling of the gums or the appearance of bleeding wounds - making timely treatment measures will save your teeth and keep dazzling smile. 

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