Color therapy guard health

Color therapy guard health
 Color Therapy is a non-drug treatment, which is based on the fact that each color affects any biologically active zone of the body. Such a miracle must be used purposefully, knowingly and just when it is most needed.
 There are various methods of color therapy, they are simple but effective. One of them is the use of "colored water", with which you can support in difficult times yourself and a loved one. To do this, you will need ordinary water and colored base (cardboard, paper, napkins). They can do it yourself, but try to make them out of natural materials and colors - pleasing to the eye.

If you are excited, irritated with someone big quarrel, then drink a glass of water, standing on a green base. Reassured, you can seek the assistance of pink. This will help you get rid of the remnants of stress. In the same way acts and blue: it takes the edge off the conflict or prevents.

Sometimes after an unfortunate failure or unpleasant event does not work to calm down. You are torturing themselves, in his mind how everything was. In this case, use lemon color. It also helps if you have lost a loved one, when grief is so great, you do not know how to live. And since "Lemon" water is able to improve memory, it is still good to drink before exams.

Well next to a place liquid containers on turquoise stand and drink it in small sips often, every day if you work on your computer. This color protects against heat and radioactivity emanating from the computer. "Sky Blue" water can do wonders: help on the exam, and when speaking with the report easily pick the right word.

Sending your child to school on test papers, give him water that is "seasoned" energy yellow. It activates the spiritual activities, help to generate good ideas.

If you have excessive appetite, then gradually it will curb drink every day, 2 cups of water, which stood on a stand indigo.

Overtired, drink water from the "red cup" and feel a surge of energy. And if you're getting on in years and imagine yourself hopelessly weak and old, it will help "rejuvenate" and once again feel the fullness of life.

Water, "charged" in purple, will make the work more harmoniously hemispheres, will help you get rid of the oppressive thoughts, cleanse the spleen.

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