Child bites: how to wean from the habit

Child bites: how to wean from the habit
 Biting can children of different ages - as nursing babies and preschoolers. Before you begin to wean the baby from this bad habit, you need to understand the causes and understand the feelings of the baby.

Why a child bites?

Baby tries everything by heart, to satisfy their curiosity or expressing delight. Toddler Bites accidentally or checking my mother's reaction. It is important to respond to bite - if the mother winced, cry (even fun), the baby would almost certainly will not bite her again. If the child is ridiculous, try to move away from it, stop playing with it, remove the breast - the kid will relate to my mother's feelings seriously.

Kids can bite if they are scratched and teething gums. Among older children, common psychological reasons. Children kindergarten bite, protecting or defending his toy from the encroachments of defending their territory, demanding greater attention. Not knowing or not understanding the action is permitted, the children can continue biting 4-5 years, so it's important to stop them in time.

Children often take their lead with each other, for example, the habit of biting the baby can bring from kindergarten.

How to wean capricious and biting

Children often capricious and bite in a state of fatigue, discomfort, excessive overstimulation. In this case you need to change activities, go to the tranquil pursuits, or, conversely, to start a fun action game.

Watch the situations in which the baby begins to bite and try to avoid them if possible. If you see that the child went to another with the clear intention to resort to their weapons, beat him and quickly attach to his mouth his hand. Gently and firmly say, "Biting is impossible." It is important that the surrounding similarly reacted, without encouraging or pricked. Sooner or later the child will perceive this information.

Biting back - not the solution, the child may like this game.

Explain to your child about the inadmissibility of aggression against others. For example, create and tell a story about a little cat that bites and lost all friends. Teach your baby to express emotions in another way. If you want to bite - it is better to bite the rubber ring or a toy. Explain that the toy does not hurt, and Mishenka - very painful, he cries.

Help your child to understand how to deal with the situation or their emotions without aggression. If he wanted to play a new machine, I had to ask the owner, or go to an adult. Maybe he can not talk and finds that it does not understand. Wean the child afraid of it can only be by example: to communicate more with other children, ask them about something, negotiate. Sooner or later you will be able to wean the baby from the skirt, it will become more independent, learn to compromise and defend their toys without physical methods.

Importantly, what not to do when a child fighting and biting - is to punish him physically. This error may lead to the opposite result, kid learns that the problems can be solved only by the physical impact and violence.

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