Breath? There is a solution!

Breath? There is a solution!
 Bad breath can ruin the impression of communication. Even chewing gum is not always helpful in this case, because to get rid of this scourge, should, first of all, find out the causes of bad breath.

Breath: Causes

• Poor oral hygiene.
• Dental diseases, such as caries.
• Wearing dentures.

Bad breath halitosis doctors call. According to studies, this problem ever encountered every second person. It was also found that vegetarians suffer from this disease much less meat-eaters.

• The syndrome of "dry mouth" (insufficient secretion of saliva).
• Unhealthy eating.
• Smoking.
• Hormonal disorders. For example, in women after menstruation bad breath can be enhanced. It is associated with increased levels of estrogen.
• Gastrointestinal disease, metabolic disorders, ENT diseases, diabetes, Sjogren's disease, chronic renal failure and other health problems. For example, breath, like a bad smell of urine, may be associated with kidney disease.

 How to get rid of bad breath

Brush your teeth at least two minutes, and ideally five. At the same time, pay attention and rear surfaces of the teeth. Finish cleaning procedure language. This can be done a special scraper purchased in a pharmacy or a conventional teaspoon.

Floss regularly, as the remnants of food stuck between your teeth. Scrub brush them out is not possible, and they become the prey of bacteria that causes bad breath.

Use Mouthwashes. You can buy them or make your own. Effective against odor extracts from mint, fresh dill, strawberries, oxalis leaf, peppermint, St. John's wort, chamomile, sage, oak bark.

Try to keep the moisture in the oral cavity so as saliva helps maintain its purity. Drink plenty of fluids, rinse your mouth - especially after eating. Chewing gum also stimulates the production of saliva.

Should not rely solely on the chewing gum. It only briefly freshens breath, but is not able to thoroughly clean teeth. Do not chew it on an empty stomach - it is fraught with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Refrain from coffee, meat, red wine, garlic. These products cause bad breath. But chewing mint, parsley or carrot, you freshen breath.

If you have tried all means, but still do not know how to eliminate bad breath, go to medical research, because this symptom may indicate a range of diseases, such as stomach.

See your dentist regularly, because the cause of bad breath can be caries or other diseases. In addition, a dentist can advise you on the best tools for you to oral care. Ideally periodically arrange for their dental professional hygienic cleaning.

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