Beware, the mole!

Beware, the mole!
 The more moles on the body, the happier people. So previously thought. Moles proud. The most popular small brown dots. Today, people birthmark - a cosmetic defect that may be harmful to health.
 Birthmark able to generate a lot of complexes in the modern woman. Especially, if it can be clearly seen. Of course, from a defect, you can quickly get rid of, but you should not be in a hurry. The first pass inspection. Do not hesitate, if the size of moles or increased formation appeared on the leg.

Moles are flat, smooth, high pigmented, unpigmented and warty. Birthmark red with jagged edges and visible blood vessels is called a hemangioma. This type of female sex moles delivers the most suffering, because there is usually on the face.

Birthmark refers to benign neoplasms. Any problems the owner does not deliver. However, if the mole injure or irradiated, it can develop into a malignant. Therefore, do not remove moles on their own time and to a professional.

Safely remove the birthmark help in the beauty salon with liquid nitrogen. Also using electrocoagulation. By resorting surgery in extreme cases. For your own peace of mind A histological study of the removed element.

Warts deliver human concern nothing less than a mole. Most often they appear on the hands, feet, face. Separate removal of these tumors as well best left to professionals.

According to doctors, wart-causing HPV. Its transmission occurs easily from person to person. However, some infected and others do not. Maybe it's a virus or immunity has not yet woken up. Waiting in the wings. But what warts directly related to abnormalities in the immune system, known reliably.

The disease begins to develop as a result of trauma to the skin or violation of its protective functions. If there was one wart, there will be other, as they are self-replicating. In any case, the situation can be corrected by using liquid nitrogen or lyapisnogo pencil.

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