How to win a game of billiards

How to win a game of billiards
 Billiards has always been interested in gambling, masquerading as a seemingly leisurely game. Passion for helping them make unconventional decisions in life, and also develops spatial imagination. Billiards and requires absolute confidence. And that confidence in themselves and their forces will bring you victory.
 Learn the rules of the game of billiards. But do not be a simple copycat. In this game important initiative and quick reaction to what is happening. So even if you learn all the tricks, free improvisation you can not do.

If you still can not call yourself a professional, and even the hand you do not set properly, it should not be long and adjust the position of the body. Move the cue straighten slightly depart from the pool table and try to get back as required and according to the rules and to the right to strike balls.

Place the cue so that it coincides with the imaginary line of the future impact, and the right foot should be set aside a little to the side, perpendicular to this line. The left leg at this time must be set in advance. Shoulder, left hand, hip, elbow and chin should be in the same plane.

It should not be, as soon as you get the right position to take on the pool table, immediately hit the balls. Practice doing it from different angles.

After the preparatory phase, you should go to training ability to strike directly, which will be the basis for your victory in the game. Do not forget to ensure that at the moment of impact the work your position has not changed. If the forearm rotates at least a few degrees or hand leaves the imaginary plane, the tip of the cue ball poddenet. This is the risk that the flight of the ball will be arched, which is unacceptable.

Direct impacts should be applied to an imaginary center of gravity of the ball on which you are going to hit. Imagine that between him and the white there is an imaginary line, and you'll see how you hit: right or not. Do not squeeze the struggles cue in hand. He must be free to lie between the thumb and forefinger.

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