How to spend a weekend, if not the second half

How to spend a weekend, if not the second half
 Almost everyone loves the weekend and are looking forward to the end of the working week. When there is a day off work, you can meet friends, go on nature, go to the movies, theater, so just sit at home with your loved one. But what to do at the weekend for those who have no other half?

For a single person can be very difficult to organize their leisure time on weekends. When all my friends in pairs or dispersed in all directions it seems that the only way to spend your spare time - sit in front of the TV with a plate of delicious food. Such an option, definitely lead to excess weight, and certainly does not contribute to the search for its second half.

 Therefore it is necessary to make an effort and a small glimpse into the Internet. What can be found on the World Wide Web?

 First, of course, weekend tours. Golden Ring of Russia, Pushkin and Lermontov places, ancient Russian city of Moore, Kalyazin, Torzhok, Kostroma, etc. Weekend tours are one-day or overnight in a comfortable hotel. The program travels visiting monasteries, familiarity with the crafts, tasting local drinks. Choose any tour, and you will get not only vivid impressions of the visit interesting places, but also a lot of positive emotions from meeting new people.

 If you go somewhere far do not want to pay attention to the cultural events that take place at the moment. The last time you visited the exhibition center at the age of 15 years surrounded by noisy classmates? Now is the time to fill this gap. In contrast to the times of our childhood, modern exhibition does not suffer tediousness, find there is something interesting for yourself is not difficult. Ask the Internet subject you're interested - photos, modern art, cars, dolls, etc., and the search engine will give you all the necessary addresses and dates of events.

 If the soul needs to communicate, gather friends and head out into the countryside. Barbecues, bathing in forest lakes, badminton - in the summer, skiing and hiking in the winter - a great way to spend a weekend and not languish in cramped city apartments.

 The nature no one wants? Leisure activities in the city. Indoor ice rink, bowling, quasar, riding by boat, but just hiking in the nightclub. Believe me, the friends you just say thank you! And the opportunity to meet your other half at the rink is much more likely than sitting on the couch at home.

 And remember that loneliness - a temporary phenomenon, enjoy it, spend time for fun, fun, travel, learn new things. And when you finally meet his favorite and the only person you will talk about. And many joint evening you will never seem boring!

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