How to choose a restaurant abroad

How to choose a restaurant abroad
 In the media and just in personal conversations often discussed topic on how to walk to restaurants in Russia. Each of us already have some idea of ​​what it is. But now, for some reason the topic of how to choose a restaurant abroad rarely rises. And that's bad. After all, the West catering business has a much larger story than in Russia.

Now we will talk primarily about how to choose a restaurant in Europe. First, the choice of restaurants is necessary to consider its popularity. If you would like to visit the restaurant Maxims in Paris or La Pergola in Rome, it is first necessary to order a table there. A visit to the popular European restaurants goes strictly by appointment, since so many wanting. Do not forget this important point.

Secondly, if you are just relaxing abroad and want to get acquainted with the country kitchen, which are, then use the restaurant guide. As a rule, you can buy in any bookstore in Europe. They pointed out all the places of the city or even country.

Third, the easiest way to find the right restaurant for you abroad - is to ask the employees of the hotel where you are staying, or any of your friend in the country. As a rule, local residents are well informed about all the places such specifics in your city.

An important point is also that which is used in the restaurant kitchen. It is best to choose a variety of local restaurants. Or Japanese, for example, Chinese food is popular in Russia. But where in the country you can enjoy Belgian or Tuscan cuisine? But if you're not a foodie, and just want a good meal, then simply choose from the ratio of price and quality. Typically, in such a case are best small restaurants in the city center.

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