Barbecue on nature: safety

Barbecue on nature: safety
 Once out on the nature with friends, family and loved ones, do not forget one important thing - security. Cases where there are various misunderstandings, quite frequent event. To check on the nature and festive mood associated with it, have not been spoiled by the negative effects, remember a few rules that will protect you and your loved ones.

Purchase a grill for barbecue, and along with it, and specialized coal. Russian habit of toast on the fact that there is, and where you may be well understood, and a long time ago does not bother anyone. However, if you do not use the grill or grill, then give freedom a dangerous flame in his actions. Under certain circumstances, you will not notice as they will not be able to manage, and then expect trouble. In the same grill as the fire in the cell, and it is completely subservient to you, that gives you confidence and provides security.

Do not use branches and sticks that were found in the woods, try to buy as much as possible coal, specially prepared for food purposes. Production company will give you a minimum guarantee of the quality of the product, otherwise risking to lose reputation. If, popolzovavshis gifts of nature, someone from the audience poison poisonous vapors or parasites that live in the tree, no one to blame is not.

Do not light a fire or grill over low-growing trees. Ideal place it - closer to the water, because after a fun-filled holiday for someone else is waiting for the fate of the main wash Cook, who all that day fed. And the closer it will be to the place where it will wash, the better for both.

Going into the woods on the barbecue, do not forget your mosquito spray, ointment or cream from ticks and preferably a small fire extinguisher in case the above tips do not help.

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