New Year in the European style

New Year in the European style
 To meet next year in any European country - in our time presents no difficulty. Travel agencies can offer you dozens of holiday trips and winter fun for everyone. You can take in the sights, visit the fairs and sales, skiing, reindeer, cats, dancing with the locals in the traditional bonfire. New Year's Eve in an European - a winter fairy tale, romance and fun.
 In the New Year's Eve incredibly transformed all the cities of Germany. Celebratory illumination, ribbons and wreaths decorated home, cafes and restaurants, shop windows. The largest Christmas markets and fairs you can visit in Berlin, Dresden, Munich and Nuremberg. And the most significant New Year events in this country are at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, which receives plenty of people. The area is illuminated by fireworks, in its various parts of artists and bands.

New Year's Eve in Paris, the capital's residents and visitors come to the Champs-Elysees, which at this time is made available only to pedestrians, and watch the amazing beauty and scale fireworks. At night you can see the shining city of the booth huge Ferris wheel in the Tuileries Gardens. For children these days festively decorated "Disneyland" and the children's center "Aprelik" organized New Year's performances for Russian-speaking children.

If you find yourself in a New Year in Austria, you will be surprised, how it is similar to a winter wonderland. Neat houses, twinkling lights in the night illumination, the sounds of the accordion or barrel organ, there was a mass of welcoming restaurants. Festive atmosphere is especially felt in the colorful Christmas fairs and various costumed parades. And the center of all events is, of course, Vienna, where the Hofburg Palace opens season of world-famous Viennese balls. But if you do not like the hustle and bustle, you can combine the inspection of bright, festive capital and rest on one of the ski resorts in the country. You will enjoy your stay in the mountains, whether you're a beginner or a professional in skiing, because there are trails for all organized.

Excellent idea - New Year's Eve in Italy, where you are sure to become infected with fun locals. Brightly lit streets, concerts and festivities here - the widespread phenomenon. In Rome, on the areas you will see the Christmas tree, decorated with a variety of toys and flowers, shop windows, houses and balconies twined garlands with red ribbons. Very nice these days in Venice, where every balcony pots with Christmas trees on display. On the heads of stone lions guarding the palace, wearing caps and beards are glued and decorated boats sail Babbo Natale with the image - Santa Claus. Also can be fun to celebrate New Year at any Italian resort.

In each of the 38 Western European countries has its own customs of the New Year, rich saturated holiday programs, but some of them would you go, be sure to find yourself in an atmosphere of joy and peace in the fun.

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