New Year Feng Shui

New Year Feng Shui
 Feng shui - the ancient Chinese science of interaction energies. If you use it correctly theory into practice and to issue New Year Feng Shui can bring into the house what is lacking: money, love, health, success in work, etc. Make it easy. It is only necessary to know the basic rules and follow them.
 The most basic thing to do - to make room for the penetration of positive energy. It is believed that the house she gets through windows and doors, so you can not make the foyer and hang tight windows.

According to the theory of Feng Shui in the house, each sector is responsible for something specific - money, health, love, good luck. To activate the dates of your zone, you must correctly position the Christmas symbols.

South is responsible for the fame and reputation. Tree, set in this sector, will be realized in public affairs, to draw attention to themselves. The same result will help to achieve a TV placed in the south.

Southeast manages wealth. You can put any monetary symbols - golden Christmas balls, tinsel, chocolate coins. Financial well-being will bypass your house, in the south-east folded Christmas gifts.

Human figures placed in the eastern sector, improve the environment in the family, the house will bring peace and harmony. You can also place the New Year's table in this sector.

North-east of feng shui is responsible for knowledge and wisdom. Tree in the north-eastern sector will go to college or successfully write a thesis.

To control the situation at work and enhance their careers in the new year need to be positioned in the northern sector, or tree, or New Year's attributes in red.

If you dream about travel and distant lands haunt you need how to decorate the north-western part of the room. New Year's Eve for this sector are ideal holiday cards or garlands. Can be in the northwest to put a figure of Santa Claus with reindeer team.

West in the room is responsible for children and creativity. To enable the sector to be in it to place toys, doll.

In love and marriage on the theory of Feng Shui will help southwest. In order to find your soul mate or marry in the coming year, preference should be given to the location of trees just to the sector.

Traditionally, New Year's beautiful fluffy put in the center of the room. It is not surprising, because only the central part responsible for the health and well-being in general. This is the best option to install a Christmas tree.

If you want a little to improve the situation for all items, tree should be placed in the center and in the rest of the place all kinds of Christmas decorations, garland, tinsel. And if you have a preference for one thing, of course, the forest guest should leave it for this sector. After all it is - the brightest Christmas decoration, the surest way to attract attention luck.

But trusting in the popular eastern teachings of Feng Shui, you should not sit idly by. In order for this technique to work, you need the most and efforts. After all, as you know, a rolling stone gathers no moss.

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