How to celebrate New Year

How to celebrate New Year
 New Year is considered the most important and favorite holiday, so people try to meet it fun, enchanting and loud. With the advent of the New Year are all waiting for something magical and unforgettable. Therefore, you need to mark this celebration so that the memories were the most positive in the new year.
 The coming year will be held under the sign of the Black Water Dragon. Try to meet him in a special way, trying to recharge the holiday, discarding the boredom and laziness. Take care of the celebration program in advance, pick up loud and rhythmic music, be prepared to the very real fun. Year of the Dragon in general suggests that people will be kind and generous to each other, so feel free to invite guests into your home, friendly smiles of friends will bring you luck and prosperity.

When it becomes accompany the outgoing Year of the Rabbit, remember him with gratitude. Eat green salad, the old symbol of the outgoing year it should be nice. Black Water Dragon loves space, so it is unlikely he would like in your cramped apartment. It is best to meet this year in nature, in the open space.

Preparing to celebrate the New Year differs bustle and spending money, but the cooking is usually pleasant for the people themselves. All the great pleasure to go shopping, prepare gifts to friends and loved ones, think the menu for the holiday table. Undoubtedly, there are no such people who do not like to dress up the beautiful tree, sign greeting cards, choose the pleasant surprises and gifts. And to avoid unnecessary spending, make a list of everything you need in advance, because the festive atmosphere of shops so will force you to buy things unplanned.

Festive table can be designed according to Chinese tradition. Apply for table candles, any accessories that are related to the water. Use vases, decanters and goblets of crystal. Find a use for starfish and seashells. Menu holiday table should be abundant, because the dragon is omnivorous and likes to eat. On the table are a variety of dishes, but the products have gained fresh and good quality. Very well be put on the table a golden champagne.

For lovers of travel, meeting, the Dragon can be a truly amazing and fascinating. You can see the New Year in another country, or visit some exotic places. Dragon approve your choice, since he loves and delights travelers.

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