How Happy New Year

How Happy New Year
 New Year just around the corner. It's time to think about gifts and greetings. Of course, you want your gift to be remembered and brought a lot of positive emotions to the person who is.
 To get the original gift, go to its creation creative. For example, if you want to stand on the merry music party, give your friend a music disc on which record only his favorite songs. Complete the gift of his portrait - it is simply stunning. You can safely experiment - instead of music to record your favorite movies, or even cartoons. And arrange their own hands. Make a gift box, decorate it with ribbons, fir cones, tinsel.

Want to feel like a real magician, performing their dreams? Find out slowly, dream about your friend, make a detailed list. Walking through the souvenir shops, please be small figures, each of which will symbolize a certain dream. Then put them in a bag and announced at the festival, which are able to carry out all the dreams of the one you love.

If you are for gifts, hand made, then there is no obstacle. You can make original holiday candles, decorative soaps, decorated in the New Year. For example, with fir branches inside. Everything you need can be purchased at specialty stores, and instructions to them easy to find on the Internet. By the way, you can bake the original birthday cake decorated in the New Year, or the fact that your friend loves.

Beautiful and unique gift can be a puzzle with a picture of a loved one. Make everything as it should - make a box on which the original image will be the favorite person. Experiment with Photoshop - along dear friend in a suit of Santa Claus, Christmas tree pririsuyte and gift bag. But remember that the photos should be easy to assemble, carefully fold the puzzle pieces in a box.

In short, there is no limit imagination. Give her will, certainly, and correct decision will come to you.

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