Chinese wedding

Chinese wedding
 China - a country with a unique culture, interesting and ancient folk traditions. Wedding day for the people of the mysterious east of the country - one of the most important in life. During the wedding ceremony the Chinese observe dozens of rituals that are considered mandatory for many centuries.  

Traditional Chinese wedding color - deep red. The color of love and passion, wealth and prosperity, happiness and prosperity. The red color is used in Chinese wedding everywhere: in the wedding dress of the bride, in some detail the groom's suit, in the decoration of the hall, where the holiday. Happy spouses give bouquets in red tones, the same color is used for postcards, "money" envelopes and gift wrapping. House newlyweds and the room, which will be the first wedding night, also decorated with garlands of large scarlet flowers.

Of course, today the ancient Chinese tradition of celebrating weddings have changed somewhat. For example, earlier in order to woo the girl, it was necessary to send a note to the bride's house with an indication of the personal data of the groom. This information is the bride's family gave the seer, and if it makes a positive verdict, the groom's house sent the exact same note with the data of the girl. Today, young people, mostly decide on their own marriage. However, in the eastern country decided to inform parents about the upcoming wedding in advance: at least a year.

In China, it is believed that marriage is necessary to enter in the second half hour, when the minute hand goes up - it symbolizes the "rise" and a successful marriage. Has its own tradition of redemption. On the day of the wedding the groom comes to the bride's house and gives her girlfriends numerous gifts and money. Only then he can see his beloved. After the state registration of marriage the bride usually offers a new family to drink tea - thus, she admits her husband's family and my family.

At the conclusion of the ritual, guests are sent to the festive hall, where the bride appears in a new dress.

Celebration becomes a must-layered cake, which symbolizes the stairs to happiness. And when the holiday comes to an end, guests are sure to exchange a firm handshake - a sign that the two families become one.

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