Pilates as it is

 Imagine for a moment that you stand and look at the children playing, normal healthy children. How do they move? Easy, free, they are not holding back nothing, nothing they do not interfere with their free movement on the nature. Their bodies have all the necessary qualities: grace, strength, endurance, flexibility, speed.

Pilates starting from scratch, gradually retraining the body to move properly again. The nervous system is extremely flexible and very well able to adapt to changing conditions, reconstructed in the process of training.

This process consists of three successive stages:

- Think about the correct movements.
- Practice the correct movement.
- Movement become automatic, habitual. Muscles memorize them. This is called muscle memory engram.

8 principles of the Pilates method

- Relaxation;
- The concentration;
- Alignment;
- Breathing;
- Centering;
- Coordination;
- Smooth motion;
- Endurance.


This is the starting point of each novice. Those who are used to start to exercise active workouts such as running in place or stretching, is the beginning of the complex may seem strange, but for us it is very important that before the training you get rid of the stress accumulated during the day.
Learn to identify areas of unwanted stress and get rid of it - absolutely necessary condition, otherwise the muscles over and over again will not engage in the business, and you never will be able to break out of this vicious circle.


Pilates - A system of exercises for the body and mind, coaching both components of your "I". Pilates requires constant awareness of what is happening in your body is constantly focused on every move. It develops your kinesthetic sense, a sense of body awareness, which takes place in the space of each part of your body and what it does. Although some movement eventually become automatic, you still have to concentrate on them, because there is always a higher level of consciousness, to be pursued.


So you can relax and focus. The next step - to develop good posture. Constantly reminding your body how it should stand, sit or lie down, and moving correctly, you can gradually align it. This is very important if you want to restore muscle balance. If you do not paying enough attention to the correct location of the joints, you risk damaging the joint and increase the imbalance in the surrounding muscles. Exercise programs for various violations of posture will help you gradually return the correct posture.


Your lungs become like blacksmith bellows - when inhaling the lower part of the chest expands and contracts during exhalation. Pilates is not only important type of breathing, but his pace. Inhaling and exhaling at the right time, you can speed up or, conversely, to slow down when it is needed.All Pilates exercises calculated that proper breathing stimulates the mobilization of the necessary muscles.


Hard to believe that Joseph Pilates more than 80 years ago found that when pulling the navel to the spine lower back becomes more secure. At that time he could not have known about the stabilizing properties of the transverse abdominal muscles, but had a great sense of the body and brought instructions "navel to spine" in all their exercises.

Since then we have made significant progress. Recent medical studies have shown that the best stabilization of the housing can be achieved by mobilizing the muscles of the pelvic floor, and then the muscles of the lower abdomen. That's why we now use the formula "button and pull": breathing, You pull up your pelvic floor muscles, and then tightens the abdomen to the back, as if some inner zip up the zipper.


Now that you've learned how to breathe correctly, to build parts of the body, creating a powerful center and allocate stabilizing muscles, you must learn to coordinate all these skills with the execution of movements. Initially, it will be a difficult challenge, but soon your actions captured in muscle memory, become automatic - it's like learning to drive a car. And while you develop this coordination, the process of learning will be an excellent training session for the mind and body, because it stimulates the bilateral "communication" between the brain and muscles. Intelligently and accurately repeating correct movements, we can gradually make them perfectly natural for your body.

Smooth motion

The essence of Pilates is correct, graceful and manages the execution of a completely natural movements. You will not be required to accept the unthinkable position or excessive strain. Movement usually performed slowly in the direction of a strong center. This allows you to check the correctness of the alignment of the body and concentrate on that. to perform the necessary work due muscles. If you experience any discomfort, you can always stop - it makes Pilates one of the safest systems exercises. However, is not to slow easily. Moreover, the exercise slowly is usually much harder than fast and less likely to deceive yourself!


Finally, we want to increase your endurance major muscles. This is achieved by gradually increasing the intensity of training. When you get some experience and your muscles will begin work as assigned to them by nature, you will find that your stamina has increased dramatically. After you stop wasting energy on unnecessary stress and useless movement. Many people complain of fatigue experienced by spending the whole day on their feet. This is due to the fact that they can not be correct. They compress the chest, and hence the lungs. When you learn to "disclose" and straighten your body, breathing becomes more efficient. All Pilates exercises are aimed at improving the efficiency of the respiratory, lymphatic and circulatory systems. After all, a car with a good engine and wheels balanced ride much better. The same applies to your body.

What gives the Pilates method

- Increased flexibility
- Increased muscle strength and improve their tone
- Improvement of the respiratory system
- Improvement of the lymphatic system, and thus reduction of toxins in the body
- Strengthening of the cardiovascular system
- Stress Relief
- A flat stomach and slender waist belt through the creation of natural forces
- Improve Posture
- Strengthening the muscles of the buttocks and thighs
- Strengthening the muscles in the arms and shoulders
- Getting rid of the headaches caused by incorrect posture
- Elimination of pain in the back
- Strengthen the immune system
- Increase bone density
- Improve joint mobility

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