Ayurveda: 10 recipes for healthy eating

Ayurveda: 10 recipes for healthy eating
 Cooking in the culture of Ayurveda is given importance. It is believed that food should charge the body with energy, give him a new pleasant sensations that are beneficial for health and promote spiritual harmony.
1. Eat "clean" products. Organic vegetables, fruits and whole grains are the key to a healthy digestive system, saturate the body with essential nutrients and as a result, ensuring the viability of man. It is very important to cook it from fresh produce and consume as much food in its raw form.
2. Prepare and eat in a good mood. During cooking, and especially the use of products, it is important to think of something pleasant and good, because our inner state is reflected on the usefulness of prepared dishes. In a bad mood from foods should be avoided.
3. Follow the feeling of hunger. According to Ayurvedic culture body knows best when it needs food. It is not necessary for lunch and dinner just because it's time. If you have the feeling of hunger is not intended, then the meal is better to postpone to a later date. However, overeating is also not recommended. And that food is better absorbed, the first meal is better to be completed by 8 am.
4. Eat slowly. Only carefully chewed food can bring benefits to the body. The slower the process of the meal, the better the food is digested. It is also important to think about what you eat, the benefits of taking the product and pleasant taste.
5. Combine the products. Try to eat fruits separately, starch, fats, proteins and carbohydrates at different times. Because of this food will be faster and better digested during a reception.
6. Arrange fasting day. Even with proper nutrition your body is very important from time to time to rest. Once a week, try not to eat heavy foods, limiting himself a small amount of vegetables or fruit.
7. Prefer vegetarian dishes. According to Ayurveda and Yoga culture meat is not "live" product, and therefore does not have a beneficial effect on human health. It is better to limit its consumption of up to 1 times per week or replaced by soy.
8. Use the rule of six flavors. Per meal must feel the six tastes - sour, sweet, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent. And in order for this not to prepare a different number of dishes, add to the food herbs and spices.
9. Do not forget the spices. In the homeland of the culture taken in each dish to use a large number of spices that are beneficial for mood and health. Only they must be natural and fresh. 10. Listen to your body Remember that knowledge is correct and useful products initially present in you. And the best advisor in this case - your own body, which often tells about the things he needed by the needs of certain products.
However, this is only the basic principles, but not all of the rules of the existence of Ayurveda. This system is much more deep and linking all aspects of life together. The book "Ayurveda" publisher "Mann Ivanov Ferber" reveals all of its key principles. This encyclopedia will tell in detail about the most ancient system of healthy lifestyles and offer healing recipes that nourish body, mind and soul.

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