Top tips from Masha Tsigal

Top tips from Masha Tsigal
 Masha Tsigal - one of the most promising Russian female fashion designer. It can easily be called a self made woman. After she left, "Art Institute" to plunge into the world of fashion. By this act of Masha shocked parents. Despite the fact that each of them - Russian celebrities, Masha did not enjoy the support of parents and start your way to fame on their own. Today, its brand will learn even abroad. And she willingly shares fashion tips fashion with Russian women.
 Certain current trends appear in every season. And designers make recommendations based on what is relevant at the moment. Today their advice Masha Tsigal gives relatively summer - tissues that are relevant, styles of clothing and other items.

So tissue. Especially popular in summer becomes silk. This is due to the fact that it is light, natural and cools the body material. Silk Clothing - flying, flowing. A variety of colors pleasantly pleased look. Such a dress to wear in summer - the key to success in others. After all, it is associated with warm nights, sea spray, warm and gentle sun. Ideal - dresses like a nightgown or asymmetrical light sundresses.

Recommendations for clothes relate to the basic elements of a wardrobe. For evening, choose a long, floor dress or a skirt or short. Midi length this summer is not particularly relevant. This is due to the fact that it can be visually trim figure and is not for everyone.

This pet clothing many women as shorts, also should be selected according to fashion trends. Popular model looks like this: a short silk jumpsuit. Such clothing is suitable for offshore boating. Also in fashion sortivnykh costumes, which are used instead of pants shorts.

Footwear is also essential, says Masha Tsigal. According to her, in a fashion sandals and platform, and is high enough.

Next fashionable recommendation from Masha regard to color clothes. In fashion today, a riot of colors. However, it is important to choose the right color for you. The best option, which is all - white. If you're going to go to the sea, your choice - yellow or turquoise dress as an association with the sun and water. Hit of the season are sweaters and skirts stripes. The abundance of embroidery, printing, decoration ribbons, crystals and stones - all this makes clothing summer 2012 season particularly relevant and fashionable.

In anticipation of the holiday season, it is very important to choose the right swimsuit. Gold, silver and black - the most trendy colors. This is due to the fact that these are the shades of gorgeous shade tan conceal figure flaws and emphasize the advantages.

This season is very popular hats - and help protect the head from overheating, and extra flavor added to the image. Designer Masha Tsigal recommends pay close attention to the silk bandanna. That it looks stylish, very bright. Furthermore, this headpiece is very easy to wear.

Not spared his attention designer and recommendations for appearance. Popular 2012 summer bleached hair. If you do not go to the sea, the desired color can be achieved in a good beauty salon. If you're still going to take a trip to the coast, consider the fact that you need to take care of hair. After all, if you substitute them under the merciless sun, it will spoil very much, and hair look good will not. In order to achieve the effect of burnt hair, you only have to substitute them under the sun for 15-20 minutes a day. All the rest of the hair need to hide under a headdress. Wash whether they should be using additional moisturizers. This will help you achieve a chic hairstyle.

As for the make-up of him should be abandoned altogether. The maximum that can be used in the summer - this mascara. And here is where your imagination is unlimited. Fit all shades - and black, and purple, and brown, and anyone else that you like. That's eyes are now becoming the main focus of the image.

Sunburn is extremely popular today. If you do not have time for the selected working everyday in the country, to receive a portion of the ultraviolet, go to the solarium. However, there needs to sunbathe wisely - do not immediately try to turn yourself into a bronze beauty. Nothing but harm to the skin, such actions you will not get.

Be sure to pay attention to the figure. If you do not have time to get rid of extra pounds by the summer, do not despair. Pick up just such clothes that will help you emphasize the dignity of the figure and eliminate the defects. Open stomach, which has been popular for many years, today is irrelevant.

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