Lady Di: a fairy tale without a happy ending

Lady Di: a fairy tale without a happy ending
 Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1, 1961. Its noble origins, good education, manners and good heart allowed her to embody in their lives the dream of many girls - Diana met her prince, married him, bore him fine sons ... But this tale was destined to be short-lived.

Mother and father of Diana Viscount and Viscountess Oltorpskie, despite their privileged origins and "innate nobility," as they describe biographers could not save his family. And first memories of Princess Diana were not fabulous. Mother could not live with his father and they had divorced shortly after she moved to London, where she began an affair with the American Peter Shandkidom. The children remained in the care of the father of Diana.

He seriously took care of them, carefully selected girls school. Diana and her sister Sarah and Jane went to school Silfild (King lens). In elementary school due to stress on the background of his parents' divorce, Diana was very nervous. She often changes the mood, she shalila, for which the teacher came up to her punishment like school care beds.

Diana excellent results also did not differ largely because of its shyness. She could not utter a word in front of teachers, but remarkably know history and literature. She loved helping younger students with homework, and just hanging out with them in the schoolyard.

Over time, the emotional distress subsided a bit and Diana is becoming more inner peace and harmony. Reflects this and in appearance. Her older brother noticed that Diana prettier. And everyone said that from an ugly duckling turns into a beautiful sister, dignified white swan.

Diana really getting sleeker, more feminine. Her school friends recalled that she had a special aura of elegance. As if she immediately knew what fate awaits her, and behaved accordingly. All this is manifested in its enthusiasm dancing. Dancing she idolized, found a way to express themselves. Diana seriously thinking of becoming a ballerina, but the growth of 178 centimeters is not allowed to carry out her dreams.

After high school, Diane spent two years in Switzerland, where she studied cooking, sewing, housework and French. But this study was more interested in her father than most of Diana. She also could not wait to start an independent life. When she was eighteen, his father gave Diana a flat in London. Diana immediately began to work. And she did not shun the most common professions - teacher in kindergarten, babysitter, cleaner apartments, etc.

The first meeting of Prince Charles and Diana took place when she was 16 years old. Initially, the prince showed interest in the older sister of Diana - Sarah. On Diana, he looked at solely as a sweet girl, nothing special in it without noticing. The second time they met at the royal hunting in the family estate of Diana, where he was invited and Charles. That same day, Charles was first noticed how Diana is charming as she is good at and how to keep it interesting. But behind this is no particular difference in the lives of Prince and Diana followed.

They became close when Charles experienced the death of his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, who was for him one of the closest people. Diana, thanks to its responsiveness and good heart, very strongly supported Charles in those difficult days for him. And Charles first began to provide favors to Diana, including the society.

Learning about the mutual sympathy between them, the entire royal family that hour the prince began to speak of marriage to Diana. Including and then to divert Charles from his former passion, Camilla Parker-Bowles, wife of an officer Andrew Parker Bowles. And Diana was really perfect match for Charles. From a noble family, well mannered, well, young. Charles proposed to her February 6, 1981. Diana did not expect the amount of attention that ravaged her, including media attention. But has stood all tests, including familiarity with the royal family.

Their wedding was one of the most lush and rich in the world of weddings. Diana was at the stunning beauty of the dress with white eight-train. She was beautiful and smart, he - rich and noble. They were both perfect and seemed made for each other. But the relationship of a young family is not specified at the outset. Charles, in spite of the position of a married man and the birth of sons continued to meet with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Diana knew about her husband's infidelity and terribly jealous, angry. What else she had to do to please him and his family? She seems to be doing enough. In addition, Diana, with its direct and truthful nature, it was difficult to make the ceremony and the hypocrisy of the royal lifestyle. She was often sad, unhappy with themselves than terribly annoyed Charles.

As a result, Diana became Charles and revenge in her life were other men, one after the other. Spouses frankly do not tolerate each other, it became apparent to all. Only children to keep them from breaking up. But in 1992, they no longer lived together. Everyone understood that divorce is inevitable. According to the laws of Great Britain, a couple who for more than five years do not live together, is considered divorced. A divorced he loses the right to inherit the throne. Charles knew about it, but put personal happiness above.

In one talk show Diana admitted that their marriage has always been present Camilla Parker Bowles, while Diana three people - too much. After that Charles filed for divorce. After the divorce, Diana retained all the royal regalia, the right to educate their children, and $ 23 million. Charles also had the reputation of a man who cheated on his wife honest, thereby destroying the family.

After the divorce, Diana actively involved in charity work, traveling the world to help children with leukemia, cancer, AIDS and other terrible diseases. She also fought for the abolition of some cruel weapons. Diana did for so many people and if her tragic death in 1997, would have done even more.

Tale of Cinderella, which became a princess, and then the queen, embodied in the life of Princess Diana's only partly true. She really loved her prince, was ready to make this world a better place, because it has a good heart and did, but only to the extent that it allowed her fate.

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