Flamenco - dance single women?

Flamenco - dance single women?
 Flamenco - dance of passion, emotion, life. This is a rather complex music and dance style in which you can do without a partner. Flamenco origins go back to ancient gypsy culture, hence the appropriate music - guitar, traditional costumes - bailaors (dress to the floor, with a fluffy skirt), vocal art, poetry.

Flamenco - dance single women, proud, imperious, temperamental. For one you can live dance show and a lifetime: passion, love, bitterness, resentment and frustration. Not for nothing, the Spaniards call this style - dance naked nerves. Even if it is danced in pairs - a dispute, the confrontation, the struggle of the female and the male principle.

Flamenco Dance extraordinarily beautiful - bright, fascinating, it does not leave indifferent among the astonished spectators. The merger of the vocal and dance art - the basic elements in the culture of this style. This dance has more than 50 varieties. Choreographers pay tribute to flamenco for freedom of action and unlimited flight of fancy. However, inexperienced dancers need to spend at least six months to learn the basic composition of this style. Beautiful posture, strong legs, graceful hands - the result of many years of training.

Key attributes that use the dancers - a big fan, the Spanish shawl and castanets. Mesmerizing rhythm of castanets, crisp sound of heels, passionate cries of the beat - all an integral part of an extraordinary dance.

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