Fashion World: Frank Sotstsani

Fashion World: Frank Sotstsani
 Very famous in the fashion world Sotstsani Frank, was born January 20, 1950, since 1988 working as chief editor of Vogue Italy. She has helped many amazing and talented people to become famous. And she always fulfilled your favorite job, not knowing for sure whether these people become famous or not. As for fashion, at the fashion shows Frank often bored, and believes that one has to show standing a dozen unprofitable.

Sotstsiani always afraid to offend any designer in simple words: "I do not like", it seems that after the collapse of his life, because designers are creative people and can not take criticism on the forehead. But she always wanted to help them become better, but they do not all understand it.

If it does not like the magazine to someone, it will never be offended. In Sotstsani this principle - not like a number, it means like the following. It feels like it has no problems in professional activities.

A normal personal life Franks never was. Twice married, has a son, Francesco. She was always on the road, had to take his son with him, and the student to carry it in New York, in Tokyo. He often missed school on this occasion and Sotstsani itself did with him his homework. But she was able to fully control his son to study at the university, and it is followed strictly. Francesco now lives in America, and Frank very bored. Frank itself has already been divorced twice and is now going to come to grips with his personal life. Because she believes that life can not be in a hurry in and around the time comes. So it was time for her happiness.

 Frank was never a fashion victim. She always dresses like asking her heart, not so that stylists and editors delighted exclaimed, "How are you today look fantastic! ". Frank believes that if a person attends the theater and movies, reading books, he will never become a victim of fashion trends, as some models that hide behind the fashion label. Frank itself reads a lot, loves classical music, sometimes it reads. Most of all she loves to read on the plane - something from the last century and something modern. She herself also writes and leads her diary. Publish it, it will never be. It for yourself.

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