Biography stars Tim Roth

Biography stars Tim Roth
 Having started his acting career in film due to his shaved head and a chance meeting with director Alan Clarke, Tim Roth soon becomes a cult figure, playing in the debut tape of a young Quentin Tarantino.

Tim Roth (born Timothy Simon Smith) was born May 14

Tim (real name Timothy Simon Smith) Roth was born May 14, 1961 in London. His name was replaced by Tim because of their "left" belief, although his family was not poor - they lived in the prestigious suburb of south London.

Tim Roth was a notorious greatly worried about the boys and their appearance. His first performance was the role of Dracula in the school theater. After high school, Tim entered the Kembervellsky Art College, thinking about a career sculptor. Who knows, whoever he was, had not met with director Alan Clarke, who offered Roth play in his film "Made in Britain" (1982)., As they say, solely because of his shaved head. The picture had some success, and Roth became famous. Acting in his next film, "In the meantime" (1984.), Directed by Mike Leigh, he met Gary Oldman, who became his friend and partner on the theatrical stage. Eighties passed acting career Rota, despite the fact that he starred in several movies.

Fame and worldwide fame Tim Roth provided by Quentin Tarantino. After the movie "Reservoir Dogs" (1992.), "Pulp Fiction" (1994.) And "Four Rooms" (1995)., Tim Roth has not only become the "face" of alternative cinema, but also the "face" of the fashion house Prada. In Tarantino's films can be seen his acting talent as drama and comedy genres. Refusing to work with the great Spielberg, Roth acted in the films "stalled" (1997.) And "Animals and host outposts" (1998.).

In 1998, Tim Roth played one of his best roles in movies in the film by Giuseppe Tornatore "The Pianist." For this painting followed his directorial debut, "The War Zone" (1998).. After that, he starred in many films, who could not give him the success that he had after the film Tarantino. Since 2009, he starred in the popular TV series "Lie to Me".

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