Biography stars: Dima Bilan

Biography stars: Dima Bilan
 Dima Bilan - perhaps the most popular among young Russian pop singer. He was not only the winner of many musical awards and winner of the "Eurovision" in 2008, and honored artist. Personal life of this man is haunted by fans, reporters and paparazzi.

Dima Bilan was born in Karachay-Cherkessia region in Ust-Dzheguda, December 24, 1981. When he was one year old, the family moved to his grandmother in Naberezhnye Chelny. In fact, Dima Bilan - an alias, his real name - Viktor Belan.

When Dima was 6 years old, the family moved again, this time in Kabardino-Balkaria. It was there that Dima and his sister went to school. While studying in the second grade, Dima first applause when he sang in the school cafeteria "Beautiful far."

Only in 5th grade, thanks to its sister, Dima enters the music school accordion. And at the same time soloist in the children's choir, participating in various competitions, festivals and other events held for aspiring stars.

While studying in grade 9, Dima first went to Moscow to take part in the festival "Chunga-Changa", dedicated to children's creativity. Despite the cold and snow and rain, which met Dima in Moscow, it is perfectly made and received a diploma from the hands of Joseph Kobzon.

Received a certificate of education and the end of the school of music, Bilan went to Moscow, where he manages to go to College. Gnesinyh class academic vocal. After which comes the second course GITIS, the faculty of acting. Learning from the third year of university, Dima with his classmate Sasha Savelevoj met her future producer Yu Sh Ajzenshpisom. It offers Dime perform the song "Little Boy", AIZENSHPIS liked it and he decides to cooperate with a young but very promising Dima.

A new round of career Dima brought the album "Night Hooligan", which was launched in October 2003. Under the leadership of Ajzenshpisa, Bilan begins to prepare for work on the album on the English language. Parallel to this is shooting for the song "You must be near."

September 20, 2005 was a tragedy that shocked Dima and the entire Russian show business. On the 61st year of his life, died of a heart attack Yu Sh Aizenshpis. And the next day the "Music Awards MTV Russia", where Bilan received just two figurines - "Artist of the Year" and "Best Performer". After that, the singer performed his hits on Zamoskvoretsky bridge.

In 2006, Dima Bilan goes to "Eurovision" with the song «Never Let You Go», for which received an honorable second place. This was an unprecedented success, but to stop there, he was not going to. And two years later, in 2008, he again applied for participation in the competition. And then Dima lit by the full program with the song «Believe», for which he got the honorable first place. For the first time in history, a Russian singer won first place in the contest "Eurovision".

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