Biography of Catherine Deneuve

Biography of Catherine Deneuve
 Biography of the actress dazzles epithet "legendary" and "legendary". About half of the male population of France considers that their favorite and a national treasure - Catherine Deneuve - embodies femininity is much more than Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren. It is called insensible and impassive, and it seems like it is for this external coldness.  

From his youth Catherine was used to remain silent and smile - the best demeanor for a beautiful girl. For a long time it was considered even just nearby, so she was self-absorbed.

In others, especially in men, Catherine evoked an overwhelming desire to become better acquainted. Roger Vadim, the legendary master of cinema and part-time passionate lover Deneuve, actress urged armed with beauty, like a sword, for example relaxed Mademoiselle Bardot. However, this openness was out of character Catherine.

Born future "last megastar France", as many say, Catherine Deneuve, in a family of actors. The house is constantly spinning away, stood turmoil. The first role she played in 16 years, but public attention attracted her work in the film Roger Vadim's "vice and virtue". They say he was extremely dissatisfied Vadim game lover. In any case, the relationship is not be long. The result was the birth of his son Christian Vadim.

Catherine Deneuve was recognized in numerous interviews that are not afraid of becoming a mother and stay at 23, one with a baby in her arms. Loved ones were good friends and do not hold a grudge against each other.

A year after the birth of her son Deneuve acted in the musical film "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg", which won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1964. A touching story of a saleswoman umbrellas and simple hard worker still makes the audience cry. It was a huge success Catherine, who, unfortunately, will not be repeated later.

Deneuve starred in many 60s of the last century: the thriller "Disgust" comedy "Life in a castle" and, finally, a provocative film "Belle de Jour", in which Catherine played a respectable married lady conducting the night with her husband, and the day itself occupying in this brothel.

Relations actress with men did not develop - she falls in love, dating, but again left alone. In the early 70-ies Catherine again fell in love head over heels, and again in the well-known womanizer - the legendary Marcello Mastroianni. He was married with a daughter of the actor grew up, but it did not interfere with their relationship. Mastroianni long been torn between Rome and Paris, begging Catherine to marry him. But the actress was determined not to break the family lover. Her decision did not change even the birth of his daughter Chiara-Charlotte.

Mastroianni was forced to return to his family, the novel was finished with Deneuve. They maintain friendly relations with all the former Catherine talked like brothers. But talk about this actress does not like - a real thing in itself.

Deneuve many invited to Hollywood, but she remained true to French cinema. In the US, it is known for commercials perfume brands.

The actress is not afraid to make movies radical filmmakers. In 1999, she took part in the filming of the tape "Pola X" Leos Carax. In 56 years Deneuve was not afraid to play naked, shock press.

In the same year, Catherine Deneuve played in the Russian-French film "East-West", and in 2002 saw the release of "Eight women" received quite favorable reviews from critics.

The actress lives in step with the times: participates in shows of Yves Saint Laurent launches own perfume, enjoying life, but conceals the private from the public.

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