Ball Roll: 10 interesting facts about billiards and bowling

Ball Roll: 10 interesting facts about billiards and bowling
 Billiards and bowling - one of the most popular public games of today, held in clubs or specially-equipped centers. They like to play and the men and women of all ages. Bol, in our century, these sports games have become part of the corporate category. Let's see what else you did not know about billiards and bowling.

1. In the XIII century at the bowling was not an official name, the sport was called "a game of balls with 9-pin", later in the game to add 10-pin I happened to pass by in an American law, in which the game of bowling so and was called "the game of balls with 9-pin."

2. Balls for billiards - common pastime of aristocrats - earlier made of natural materials - ivory, in contrast to the modern, which are made of polymer-based material.

3. Before the pinspotter - a device fitted in the bowling pins - they was setting pin fight - the boy is watching the game.

4. Initially, billiards was exclusively a man's game. Women joined the gambler possession cue only in the XV century. Now there are whole league of female billiard sports.

5 In 1895, was first established American Bowling Congress.

6. The most unusual tables for billiards designed in the shape of a circle. Known as a table, which, when viewed from above, resembles a car. Some existing models of non-traditional pool tables and nonexistent pockets.

7. The first bowling center was opened in London in 1455. Now, bowling has become possible to play in the rain and snow - building had a roof. Prior to that, the game took place on the street, bowling until the middle of the XV century was similar to modern golf.

8. The word "billiards" or billiard translates to English as "pool" means a large numerical value - quadrillion, which consists of one and 15 zeros.

9. Billiards officially recognized as a sport in which can play even disabled.

10. Objects that resemble shells bowling, were first discovered in an Egyptian tomb relating to 3200 BC. According to archaeologists found the remains are rather primitive devices bowling, a little similar to modern, and they were found in the children's tomb.

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