Actress or just beautiful? Elizabeth Boyar

Actress or just beautiful? Elizabeth Boyar
 Elizabeth Boyar, a girl with a royal name, she is truly the queen and star of the movie. Superbly played a role does not leave anyone indifferent, especially the male audience because of the bright, fresh and pure beauty of the actress.

Actress or just beautiful? Elizabeth Boyar. She was born in St. Petersburg, last Leningrad in 1985. On December 20, a truly stellar family - father, Mikhail Boyarsky, Larisa Luppian mother.

Abilities for acting Elizabeth Boyar at an early age did not show. Classical and jazz dance took 13 years of her life. At a young age, Elizabeth completed her education in a model school. Success in secondary school were average, but with the help of coaching significantly improved results. With them were to learn two foreign languages: English and German.

In the last year of school, Elizabeth decided to enter the Faculty of Journalism (PR Department) in Saint Petersburg State University. But after years of study at the preparatory courses of interest to the chosen profession suddenly disappeared. But woke up another passion - the theater.

After visiting several performances in the Theater. Leningrad City Council and the opening of the academic theater of the future successful actress has decided to enter the Theater Institute. Parents are against this choice were not, tried to help her daughter, warning of possible "undercurrents." Several months were spent preparing for entry. As a result, Elizabeth has been successfully enrolled in the ranks of the students of St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts at the course, led by Lev Dodin Abramovich. When training was awarded a special honorary status - Presidential Scholarship. Graduated in 2007.

Successfully launched a career did not stop, but rather only helped the young actress to arrange his personal life and in 2010 married actor Maxim Matveyev.

Since 2006, the actress Elizabeth Boyar plays in the Maly Drama Theatre. On the stage for the first time she appeared March 9, 2006. The role of Goneril, the play "King Lear."
In the movie, Elizabeth played several roles. The most famous became the leading roles of the film "Irony of Fate. Continued "and" Admiral ".

Many critics doubt the truth of talent actress, attributing its popularity only beautiful appearance and a family of actors. But Elizabeth, in spite of the doubt "experts", continues to conquer the hearts of his audience with cinema screens and scaffolding theatrical scene.

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