Winter 2009: Tighten the belts and straps!

 Diets have been productive and you are the owner of toned, slim figure. It's time to emphasize the waistline belt, and thus make a fashionable touch to your image. About belts and fashion trends winter women's magazine tells JustLady!

Men in women's fashion accessories

Many famous fashion house has recently introduced a collection of men's women's parts. One such trend this season can be called - a deliberately crude belt.
He is associated with a shoulder strap, but looks a lot more interesting than his fellows, dress up, once on the uniforms.

Also like the item, you can easily submit to the clothes in the style of a safari. But does it mean that in winter fashion "urban cowboy"? Of course not!

Season osen- winter 2008/2009 different original ideas and provides an opportunity to dream and to demonstrate their individual taste.

Warning! Wanted belt!

And yet, what he, fashionable belt coming season? Consider the details that need to pay attention when choosing this trend accessory.

Ala Harness Belt and really should be made of rough skin. This season, military style is the weaker sex.

Decorated leather Highly relevant in early 2009, will be the belt with a large embossed crocodile skin and other reptiles.

Actual color Winter 2009 color belt can be considered fashionable if it matches the overall color scheme of the selected order or made in classic black or brown. Last often carries a vintage mood, lightly gilded, as if old.

Buttons, rivets Sometime in the '80s belt studded with rivets were rockers and punks. Today they can be found on the belts of famous designers, and their presence determines the style of today's fashion.

Buckles and ringsOn us wanted zones, most often made of silver or gold, rough appearance and literally "screaming" that are able to withstand any load. That's their charm and, since they do not emphasize the strength and tenderness and subtlety of shapes.

Trend combination

Back to our "cowboys", or rather not to him but to the combination of clothes that are relevant zone. We consider three options - trends with trends!

1. Dress like a belt with a large cardigan made of a thin jersey or knitted fabric

2. Try belt with plaid skirt and thin golf and boots

3. Try to combine the belt in a winter coat tweed or wool.

Author: Galina Vereshchagin
Women's magazine JustLady

Tags: belt strap