Shopping Secrets: do not buy too much!

Shopping Secrets: do not buy too much!
 Nothing to wear, and no place to hang. This problem is familiar to many women. The secret of its solution is simple - you just need to determine what of the things necessary, and do not buy too much. Even on sales. Even if you really like it.

Let's try to define what will be more than it is for your wardrobe, but what is missing in order to have always been what to wear and not to shelf cabinets were full of excess that you will never wear. For this purpose we define your basic wardrobe.

 What is a basic wardrobe? This is a set of things that are perfectly combined with each other, which is great on you sit and are suitable for any occasion. This, for example, the classic pencil skirt gray, black, dark blue. This white shirt sitting on a figure. And many other things, lists of which are so fond of voice stylists, fashion designers and other authorities in the field of fashion people. But all of them it is much different. And, of course, it differs from all the people, depending on lifestyle, preferences, type of figure and appearance.

 To while shopping do not buy too much, try to keep in mind the very basic things that you already have in your wardrobe. Every time I try to buy ostromodnye blouse, now in its tenth season, imagine what of existing things you combine it. If you can not think of at least three combinations, it is best to return this ostromodnye blouse on a hanger and save yourself from wasting a thing that you can hardly wear at least twice.

 Many stylists say that a man's wardrobe should be things of only three colors. Plus possible shades of these colors. And you can add brightness by using accessories: colored scarves, bracelets, scarves will help you turn any boring, invisible image in original and memorable, with a properly spaced accents. A basic wardrobe of the three primary colors that are right for you, save you from the eternal problem of choosing suitable clothes for different occasions.

 The best way to make a list of the most basic things that you have always had in mind - make out her wardrobe, make a complete list of available items, photograph them and try to get a few sets of clothes available. And once it becomes clear, that does not suffice for the full set, so as not to fall into the situation "nothing to wear, but nowhere to put clothes." Then once it becomes clear what colors prevail in your wardrobe, you have silhouettes are more likely, what style prevails. Limiting yourself to these three dimensions, going on shopping, you can always keep yourself from buying unnecessary clothing.

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