How to choose makeup

How to choose makeup
 Of course, cosmetics allows us to emphasize all its advantages and effectively hide the flaws, but not every tool can benefit. Incorrectly chosen shade, mascara or cream very often can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation. This usually happens or because you are hypersensitive to one or another component, or because of the low quality of the selected funds.
 When choosing any cosmetics is important to focus on your skin type, the color, eye and hair color. All funds are divided into four types: medical, decorative, professional and skin care.

The last type of cosmetics for everyday use, so it is worth special attention. All funds in this group can be divided into three stages of care: toning, cleansing and moisturizing. Never mix tools made by different manufacturers. Each firm, output, applying its various components, which can not be combined with each other. If you picked up a brand cleanser, try and buy the rest of the makeup of the same brand, as they will complement each other, resulting in the desired effect will come much faster and without harm to health.

Medical cosmetics - is designed to solve certain problems. Can be used every day as a system, has a therapeutic effect on care, or as additional procedures for the recovery of the skin. Pick up these medications necessary depending with the problem and be sure to considering your age. Now for every age has its own suite of mastering a particular problem. You will only need to take for themselves the right, to determine the brand.

Professional cosmetics selected by a competent expert in the cabin. To use these drugs, you must have enough knowledge, not to be mistaken with a choice. The wizard will take into account all age, color and skin type, its shortcomings, your concerns, and more. There is such cosmetics is very expensive, but the result of the application you will feel as fast as possible.

Cosmetics - has the widest range of products. Designed for daily use, although some women manage to apply it several times a day. Mainly used to create their own individual way, perfectly underlines all of your strengths and hide from prying eyes of your shortcomings. Buying agents of this type, it is necessary to rely not only on the color of the skin and eyes, but also on your own preferences.

Try not to choose a much cheaper and unfamiliar cosmetics, as you can not know exactly what is included in its composition. Before you buy be sure to test the selected vehicle for yourself. Enough to put a little cream on the elbow, grind and wait. If the drug does not suit you, then you will feel uncomfortable. Do not forget to look at the expiration date on the package and check the integrity of the bottle, tube or jar. If you feel an unpleasant odor or color you are confused, it is better to immediately give up the purchase. Try to choose cosmetics in a bright room, as the varying degrees of light can greatly distort and change color.

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