How to choose a ring

How to choose a ring
 Rings are one of the favorite ornaments of women. They can give the charm of everyday clothes, pull you look at the evening reception, make that same "flavor" to your image.  
 Usually used for decoration situation. It may be a grand way out into the light, and ordinary walk with friends, where the goal is simple and concise motto: "people see and be seen."

Everyday decorations should be combined with the style of clothing, which has been adopted in your office. Always appropriate to supplement the business style suit jacket and a small modest ring in conjunction with a miniature pendant around his neck. Look great gems such as diamonds, rubies in gold or silver frame. They look spectacular and do not interfere with official business meetings, where the rigor and modesty lines is imperative.

For the grand exit in "light" provides a completely different dress code. Here prevail evening dresses, expensive suits and, of course, luxurious jewelry. Where you can shine large rings in combination with a necklace and a bracelet. In the dim light of the restaurant lights sparkle special shades emeralds, amethysts, sapphires.

The most important rule when creating an elegant way of jewelry should blend together. Rings should be selected very carefully, in any case without mixing with classic jewelry rings of precious metals.

Try to pick a ring in accordance with the overall style of your clothes. For example, the classic evening dress fit quite restrained and shiny jewelry oval. It is important to bear in mind that, for example, does not sit well with pearl ornaments of rubies and emeralds. He looks spectacular with diamonds, but in a very careful and subtle combination.

It is important to be able to tailor wearable jewelry with age and proportions of the figure. Young and slim girl with slender fingers are more suitable miniature thin rings with fine details. Mature women, especially those with large forms, can surely complement your way of large rings with precious stones.

By purchasing a ring, do not forget that at the same time carrying more than three is considered a sign of bad taste. When choosing a ring do not forget about its size. Learn it can be in any jewelry store using special templates.

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