How to choose a ring

How to choose a ring
 Women love jewelry. A lot of them do not happen: earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and pendants, of course, the ring. By choosing jewelry for your hands should be taken carefully.
 Going to a jeweler for new clothes, think about what style of ring you will try on the metals involved and what stones. Decide on what you are going to wear finger future purchase.

If you are going to buy a ring for everyday wear, stop for a universal version. Modest design, traditional materials - it will come to every outfit. Choosing a decoration for publication, preference is given to more effective and original rings. Picking up the ring under a certain outfit, pay attention to the decoration blend harmoniously with it or, on the contrary, originally contrasted. The hardest part - is to pick up the ring under a certain spontaneously formed set, consisting, for example, earrings and necklaces that you wear.

Ring design also depends on your age. Young girls should wear thin, unpretentious rings, while the mature ladies need to give preference to massive rings with large stones.

If you do not know its size, on arrival in the salon can measure your finger, which will try ring.

Usually an incredibly large selection of jewelry salon in decline for you to a certain number of rings that fit you in size and style.

Begin to try on rings. Check to see how they look on the hand. If you have short fingers, do not try wide rings. They visually make them even shorter. But vertical or asymmetrical design is ideally suited to you, a little adjusting to a hand. Owners plump handles should be avoided rings with round stones. Women with long, slender fingers fit almost all the rings.

Rings is the best highlight the beauty of women's hands. Choose them correctly and fascinate others, even a slight movement of the brush.

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