Best watches for the New Year

Best watches for the New Year
 By the New Year all prepared in advance: agree with your friends venue, dinner reservations or organize a holiday home: buy products update their clothes, thinking about hair and makeup. But very often forget about Home Accessories New Year's Eve - hours. How correctly to choose clock for the New Year?  
 If you are going to celebrate the New Year in a luxury restaurant, the daily hours did not suit for the occasion. Length dresses and dresses and luxurious accessories necessary to select appropriate clock. They no longer have to remind expensive jewelry. These models can be secular Haute Joaillerie or Dentelle XL from Van Cleef & Arpels. They are decorated with diamonds and equipped with a quartz movement. The cover is made of sapphire, so do not afraid of scratches and protects from splashes of champagne.

If you want to celebrate the New Year to the beat of their own chimes, then purchase a clock with repeater function. Such models should look at the brand FP Journe, which specializes in their release. There is a huge selection of different models. You can choose to watch a flat gong under the dial or clock with an innovative mechanism that allows you to select the sound tone. In the highly complex models offer the minute repeater with crystal sound in a remarkably thin clockwork.

To celebrate the New Year in a nightclub such exquisite model will not work. Here it is necessary to choose something more extravagant, made in youth style. Pick bright colors, interesting design and be sure to select the clock with a luminous dial. Such offers firm Alain Silberstein. The main feature of its models - funny faces on the dial and luminescent lighting. One of its kind they give festive merry mood and are ideal for club party.

Watches Panerai Luminor series also have backlight, but made in a more rigorous and expensive style. They are ideal for those who because of their status or age can not watch with a mischievous rozhitsami.

If you're an avid traveler and are going to celebrate the New Year in exotic countries, you need a clock with two time zones, so that you can celebrate the holiday according to the local time and their mother. This model you pick up at Harry Winston - with perpetual calendar, automatic winding and a second time zone display. The design of the dial placed pointer month and moon phases. The second time zone is displayed colored arrows.
Whatever you may have picked up the clock for the New Year, remember that the main thing - it's a good mood in the New Year's Eve. And then the arrows of your watch will show the best time for you.

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