The Shining Stars: Katy Perry

The Shining Stars: Katy Perry
 Singer Katy Perry became popular after the song of his own composition, "I kissed a girl", which has long been held in the first position of the world charts. In order to climb to the top of this, she had to not only develop their vocal skills, but also go against the wishes of his family.
 Katy Perry was born in a devout Catholic family in 1984. However, her parents hit in religion after a very violent youth when they themselves advocated freedom and frank expression. However, when Katie grew up and decided to become a singer, she had to face the protest mother and father who have already acquired a certain status of the church and did not want to part with his reputation.

Whatever it was, she continued to work on yourself. The first thing she did was get rid of this name, Hudson. It was nothing special, except what has already been an actress with the same name, Kate Hudson, and Katie wanted to avoid confusion. Mother's maiden name, Perry, old enough anymore. However, under the name Katy Hudson still saw the light of a single, which was recorded in the genre of Christian hymns in 2001.

In 2003, Katy Perry moved to Los Angeles, rightly judging that only you can succeed. The central offices of major record companies are in this city, besides you can to acquire the right connections. Great image of a girl prevented respectable Christian. Perhaps for this reason, to break into the world of show business Katie decided provocative songs. The first of these was the song You're so gay, but the content of the text, it was announced evidence of homophobia singer, and record their debut single suspended.

Finally, in the light of new born no less provocative song I kissied a girl. Perry claimed that the text has been inspired by the way sexual Scarlett Johansson, she would gladly have kissed. In this case, the girl denied lesbian tendencies. Anyway, the song was a huge success and made Katy Perry one of the most popular singers among young people.

In 2008 they released their first album, Katy One of the boys. Needless to say, he has scattered the millions, all the more so in its composition was another super popular hit singer Hot n cold. Moreover, Kathy became the first in the history of music business woman from the first album which immediately 5 singles at different times led the famous chart Billboard.

Not stopping there, Katy Perry has continued to develop in other directions. She voiced one of the heroines of the popular cartoon "The Smurfs" and created his own line of perfume. In March 2012, she broke his own record, when the seventh single in her performance led the UK singles chart.

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