The Shining Stars: Kristen Stewart

The Shining Stars: Kristen Stewart
 Kristen Stewart is still very young, but her career may consist of many Hollywood actresses. By the time the screens out the famous "Twilight", it has already been a serious role in the movie.
 Kristen Stewart sooner tasted glory, but he had not spoiled. Raised in Los Angeles, the son of filmmakers, she knew about show business firsthand. Get into it, it do not really wanted to, but that all changed in 1998, when the 8-year-old Kristen noticed agent at a school Christmas play.

He suggested that parents of the girl assist its promotion in the acting profession, but those familiar with its reverse side, flatly refused. Kristen later managed to persuade them, and soon she began to walk to the many listening in television series and movies. A year later she made her debut in the movie "The Thirteenth Year", not listed in the credits, in the role of "girl standing in a queue to the school fountain."

Prominent role she got only two years later. It was the drama "The Safety of Objects", where Kristen Stewart played the daughter of a single mother by Patricia Clarkson. The film also stars busy Glenn Close and Dermot Mulroney.

Stewart's next film was a breakthrough. It was a psychological thriller "Panic Room." In the film, the two main characters: a woman and her daughter in private refuge in his own apartment. Losing touch with the world, they are forced to deal with criminals on their own.

Initially, the role of the mother claimed Nicole Kidman, in a couple of which producers had planned to invite Hayden Panettiere. However, Kidman refused, and its role has passed to Jodie Foster. Accordingly, the project fell and Hayden as required a certain resemblance between mother and daughter.

Foster then she chose a partner, and she settled on Kristen Stewart. She looks like a girl showed such a convincing game, that it began to compare with a young Jodie. For his role in "Panic Room," the young actress was nominated for Young Artist Award.

Kristen got a clip of young actors in Hollywood. To its credit, that grasp at every sentence the girl did not. Perhaps not without parental advice, but it was over the fate of many young talents who drowned in a series of silly teenage and youth comedy.

Not always movies with Kristen resonated with the audience. For example, the thriller "Cold Creek Manor", which was released just after the "Panic Room." Or psychological drama "Undertow" in 2004, having failed at the box office. However, it is difficult to deny that her work has been undertaken flawless.

So it was with the painting "The Messenger", 2007, negatively met by critics and virtually ignored by the audience. But the drama "In the Land of Women", a biographical history of "Into the Wild" and the melodrama "The Cake Eaters", where Kristen convincingly played a terminally ill girl, actress rehabilitated.

In November 2008, on cinema screens around the world came "Twilight." The book begins with a film on the writer Stephenie Meyer was shot with a very small budget, modest came and advertising. Despite the fact that the novel was a great success among teenagers, the studio did not dare make a bet on it.

That was a mistake, because the "Twilight" literally created a furore. The film, which can be attributed to a little strange genre of "romantic thriller" grossed nearly $ 400 million. And this is only a budget of 37 million. So the picture marked the beginning of the whole saga, in 2010, 2011 and 2012 came three more films lasting more than two hours each.

On the set of "Twilight" Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson met. The young man confessed that is a longtime fan of the actress, was fascinated by it. Fueling interest in the saga, producers started hearing about their romance that kept the actors themselves, but official confirmation of this and have not given.

Kristen Stewart is not shifting from the intended path. She still chooses roles with deep psychological content, improving their skills. In between the "Twilight", she played the legendary rocker 70 Joan Jett in "The Runaways" (2010), wife of the writer in the adventure drama "The Road" (2012). In the same 2012, the screens out the fantasy action film "Snow White and the Huntsman" with Stewart in the lead role.

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