Tom Ford - provocateur in the fashion world

Tom Ford - provocateur in the fashion world
 Tom Ford's perfectly all turns out, for whatever he undertook. That creates women's and men's collections, produces perfumes and cosmetics, and is engaged in shooting a film stylization shooting advertising campaigns. This is one of the most successful and talented designers of our time, with a very modest and shy person.
 Tom Ford is often called a provocateur in the fashion world. He himself admits that he likes to create insanely provocative things. Explains the former creative director of the fashion house Gucci that he likes to surprise and shock their new creations. However, only in the case when it is grounded. The designer says that he is always interesting to see the reaction of people who see his stuff. He himself pleads provocateur. But making a reservation, it is not just a provocation. Tom says that if he surprises, it does it always with a purpose, for example, to make people think about something or bring them to a certain message.

By the way, recently introduced its own collection of designer perfume and cosmetics. Tom Ford is confident that by choosing the image, in any case, we should not forget about the appropriate make-up, because the person must also change along with the clothes.

Fashion argues that despite the fact that his clothes are often clothed celebrities and models, they are also suitable and most ordinary women. He is convinced that such clothing can be worn even women with a curvy shape, because they also want to pay attention to their strengths and emphasize, for example, a line of thighs or breasts. Faithful to their mates in this case are the special shape correction underwear and thick tights.

Indeed, the creation of designer and fashion designer Tom Ford could be called provocative due to the fact that in the collections of the designer is often presented with a form-fitting silhouette of things, "shouting" details, frankly-neckline. Designers really like to use in their creations saturated colors, eye-catching prints and skin.

It is worth recalling that Tom Ford before you create a brand name, has worked at the post of creative director Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci. In 2004, he decided to launch his own brand, which immediately gained a huge success.

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