The World of Fashion: Hedi Slimane

The World of Fashion: Hedi Slimane
 The Frenchman can not be called a fashion designer or photographer or artist. Hedi Slimane - the big man of great art, art in general. He does not have the basic design education, he never learned a photographer. And yet, the world knows and loves for talented creative in these directions.  

Hedi Slimane was born July 5, 1968, in Paris. After school, he began to study the history of art at the Louvre. Combining the study of the arts, he also enjoys sewing and very soon completely independent way acquired skills designer. In 1992, Hedi Slimane has decided to get a job to Jean-Jacques Picart. And he successfully worked with him for three years.

In 1997, Eddie was the creative director of menswear fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. But there he also delayed briefly. He retired, moved to another house and began to fashion designer men's clothing line «Dior Homme». His debut show received very good reviews from various fashion critics. At first collection Slimane came Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge. For the sake of the show Slimane missed Laurent fashion show Tom Ford, who replaced Eddie the post of creative director Yves Saint Laurent.

Eddie from the first show emphasized the narrow silhouette. Many constantly joking about it, because if translated literally, the name of the fashion designer is translated as "narrow man." In 2002, Hedi Slimane has received the honorary title "Designer of the Year" (Council of Fashion Designers of America in New York).

Slimane style is that it combines a narrow silhouette and a children's appearance models. It is quite symbolic. After Eddie and he leads "childish" way of life, to be more exact, the healthy. Eddie does not drink, does not smoke, and especially do not take drugs. Even in the men's collection Slimane there is some note of femininity. Although fashion and creates only men's clothing, women gladly wear his stuff. For example, the famous and popular model Kate Moss has not once appeared in his dresses.

Talented person is talented in everything. And Eli Slimane to further confirmation. In addition to the design activity Slimane seriously interested in photography. His debut album called «Intermission 1". After were released two more albums: «Berlin» and «Stage».

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