The World of Fashion: Lena Vasilyeva

The World of Fashion: Lena Vasilyeva
 She began her journey with theater workshop, but in 2005 opened his own fashion house. Lena works in the style of intellectual fashion luxury. Today Lena Vasiliev - a brand that has earned the sincere love of his individual approach to each client image creation.

Currently Lena puts Catherine Alferov, Svetlana Hodchenkova, Boris Strulevym and Tamara Gverdtsiteli. Especially her work in revealing the client's identity, the creation of a strictly individual image. Master delat emphasis on intellectual style - it is frozen in the lace and fabric outlook.

Lena Vasilyeva is a party to a private screening in Paris and London Fashion Week. There appreciated her talent Ferruccio Ferragamo and Roland Sea. From 2006 to 2009, the designer has successfully experimented with the release of limited collections of wedding and evening dresses. And also constantly runs a lot of individual orders from Russian pop stars.

In March 2010, the debut show of the collection autumn / winter 2010/2011 by Lena Vasilyeva, who was named the favorite week magazine Vogue. In June 2010, part of the event was a demonstration in Paris, where Lena was highly appreciated by the representatives of fashion houses Celine and Dior.

In July 2010 Lena Vasilyeva expands production of fashionable clothes, open the showroom in the center of Moscow. In August 2010, Lena held a special screening in Nice at the annual Bal de Fleurs. In September 2010, her brand participated in the exhibition CPM Collection Premiere. The creative life of a recognized designer very nasyshenna and gaining momentum.

The collection autumn / winter 2011/2012 by Lena Vasilyeva dominated by wool, knits, fur scarves, collars and current free silhouette. The color palette - gray, brown, soft white, black, cream and diluted orange-yellow and orange. In these long dresses and coats cut free any woman will look attractive and sexy.

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