The fashion world: Stefano Pilati

The fashion world: Stefano Pilati
 Stefano Pilati - creative director of the brand «Yves Saint Laurent» masculinity and the standard of our time. This 46-year-old virtuoso fashion was born in 1965 in Milan. Since childhood, Stefano is surrounded by elegant women, wherewith his mother were sisters and that awakened in the boy passion for fabrics and clothes. He throws the study of the exact sciences, in order to devote himself entirely to the art of design. Talented boy noticed a fashion house Cerruti, and in 20 years, he presents his first sketches of the European influential figures in the fashion world.

When Stefano ponabrali experience in the world of the fashion industry, he stepped up. And he began to cooperate with such legends of fashion, as Dries van Noten, Valentino, Versace and Jil Sander. His specialty - a tissue, which is why his profession and sounds - Consultant tissues.

His career rapidly and progressively developed in the 90s, thanks to the amazing performance: working as an assistant designer Giorgio Armani, responsible for the development of new kinds of fabrics for Prada, designer women and men collections of the brand Miu Miu.

Pilati always exceeds expectations - instead ordered six views of velor fabric, he offered 130! Due to the great diligence, he punched a place for themselves in the fashion industry, having occupied the post of creative director known brand Yves Saint Laurent. Collection of clothes, a writer who is Stefano Pilati have oshalomlyayuschy success, and always shows are held in overcrowded rooms. Unusually fabric, cheering elegant silhouette and, of course, the modernist vision - all these impregnated, all this shouting style from Stefano, thanks to which "Yves Saint Laurent" holds its famous name in the world fashion catwalks. Pilati was awarded the title of "International Designer of the Year by fashion editors Club of Japan", which is awarded to other designers unit time.

Fashion, according to the designer - primarily a holiday and luxury. By Stefano personal opinion, the clothes should be a source of pleasure and inspiration. Indeed, models Pilati admire most picky tempters fashion. A born genius design, light and modern Stefano Pilati - a real style icon.

Remember - life is too short not to dress nice!

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