Kristen Stewart: view on fashion

Kristen Stewart: view on fashion
 After filming the movie "Twilight" actress Kristen Stewart has become extremely popular. She is trying to emulate many of the young girl, her constantly monitoring the paparazzi and journalists from different publications. Many are interested in not only her personal life and career, but also look at the fashion.

Kristen Stewart's appearance allows it to carry out various experiments with their own style and wear different outfits. Remains unchanged but her hairstyle, although once she decided to be painted in the blonde, but then went back to the dark color of the hair.

In everyday life, Kristen prefers free sporty. She does not hesitate to wear slacks and shirts, similar to the male, long coats and raincoats, shoes and sneakers. Kristen Stewart once even admitted that she envies, looking at his partner in the film "Twilight" Robert Pattinson, wanting to buy the same pants as he.

Despite his craving for comfortable pants and sneakers, at various ceremonies Kristen still appears in beautiful dresses of varying lengths. So, at the award ceremony "Oscar" star wore a gorgeous black evening dress strapless floor-length. Fitting corset and a skirt with a train perfectly underlined figure Kristen, and she looked great.

Sometimes she even allowed herself to combine her favorite sport style dresses. Thus, at the awards ceremony MTV Movie Awards in 2009 she came to the short straight red dress with black trim and casually unlaced sneakers. Her hair was slightly disheveled, and this hairstyle makes the image complete. The emergence of such an outfit in a magazine Teen Vogue Kristen Stewart admitted very well-dressed star in May 2009.

Another attempt to shock the audience and to attract everyone's attention was the appearance of Kristen at a ceremony in a very short dress bright orange color with an open back.

Kristen Stewart is constantly experimenting with his style, but, according to most fashion magazines, she looks fine and in evening dress and stretched T-shirt and a leather biker jacket.

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