High Fashion: Rodarte show

High Fashion: Rodarte show
 Rarely happens like that in the world of high fashion: only took a few seasons sisters Laura and Kate Mulleavy, from unknown to anyone in California designers to climb to the very top of Mount Olympus thanks to its brand Rodarte.  

How could assume sister Mallevi that fail to become regulars at the Paris Fashion Week due to its avant-garde collections of new brand Rodarte. But not only - produced sisters splash in the world of haute couture was so impressive that the brand Rodarte was a worthy museum exhibitions. It is this: has officially announced that the US National Design Museum will open its exhibition halls dedicated to collections Mallivi sisters. Of course, the exposure of the brand in the museum - a traditional step, it is known that a series of Quicktake attracts the audience that acquaints her with the most promising designers from around the world. Still, the success of this brand Rodarte did not detract from - so unique and original creations sisters, creates a fascinating ensemble.

But how to explain the success of the popular fashion brand? It is hardly possible. In the same way, as it is impossible to explain the success of the creation of the writer or composer. In this connection it is interesting statement professionals Design Museum, which cause the success of the brand Rodarte see instinctive glance sisters Mallivi on issues of fashion and, paradoxically, a lack of classical education of designers. It is these two reasons, from the point of view of the representatives of the museum allowed the sisters to create a completely unique, first of all, for the American fashion collection.

At Fashion Week in New York, which took place under the sign of the future of the autumn-winter season, the sisters Mallivi again captivated the audience. Presented brand Rodarte collection was designed in a unique romantic mood. Included here crocheted fishnet skirt handmade stylized aprons, combined gaskets and fun applications of leather, immediately captured the attention of participants in the show. A highlight of the collection presented by specialists called airy chiffon color of ripe wheat, from which were created dresses.

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