High fashion Gucci

High fashion Gucci
 Today fashion house Gucci - an integral part of the largest corporations in the world of fashion Pinault-Printemps-Redout, occupies a leading position in terms of sales. The history of this world famous brand began with a small family company producing leather goods in 1938. Its founder was an Italian Guccio Gucci opened his first store branded products in Italy.

First, in the range of shops were only leather handbags with bamboo handles and suede moccasins. Later assortment added silk scarves, launched its own line of clothing, to open stores in the world's most fashionable venues in London, Paris and New York. Soon appeared and perfume collection.

During the life of Guccio Gucci, thanks to competent marketing, brand Gucci was the "luxury" and was popular among celebrities. However, after the death of the founder, in 1953, the prestige of the Italian brand began to decline. Founded reason - a large number of differences among the heirs of Gucci and ill-considered marketing policy. Gucci family has always been known scandalous asserted and internal conflicts, which could not but affect the business. This circumstance did not hesitate to take advantage of competitors flooding stores with cheap imitations, more swinging the already precarious situation in the market Gucci fashion industry.

In the 60s Gucci plans to expand in the direction of the Far East, opening stores in Tokyo and Hong Kong. It was then developed by the world-famous logo GG. By the end of the seventies family feuds and quarrels lead the company to the brink of bankruptcy.

A new round of development, the company has received only when the head of the corporation became Maurizio Gucci (grandson of the founder), received an inheritance of 50% of the shares. First of all, he has helped the company to attract talented designers, to whom appeared promising fashion designer Tom Ford. American managed not only to "revive" brand, but also to "rejuvenate" it. Lists of regular customers were supplemented by such famous personalities as star Madonna, Elizabeth Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow and many others. 1997 Gucci watch company acquires Severin-Montres, later renamed as the Gucci Timepieces.

In 2003, Tom Ford left the fashion house, but the company could not keep Alessandra Facchinetti and Frida Giannini, who worked with Ford. Gucci and today does not give up its position, continues to develop, producing exciting new collection of clothes, accessories, watches and jewelry.

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